Easy DIY Easter Decorations 2015

Easter season is about to start. So get ready to welcome spring and Easter with some eggs, bunnies, carrots and flowers. I am also here to help you in decorating your home and garden with Easter themes. I am going to share some easy DIY Easter decorations 2015 which are easy to make and they will amaze everybody around. You can decorate your garden, rooms and other parts of home with Easter crafts and decorations which I am going to share today. Most of the Easter crafts and decorations are made with things available at home. First of all I will discuss about most important Easter decorations i.e. Easter egg decorations.

DIY Easter Egg Decorations

If you are thinking about DIY Easter decorations ideas for decorating your garden then you will surely like these cute egg baskets. All you need is pot of any shape, some leftover fabric pieces, ribbons and some plastic or dough eggs. Just cover the pot with some fabric of vibrant colors. Now cover it with paper roses ( See tutorial at Paper Flower Tutorials) Fill the pot with artificial eggs and hang it in your garden or home.

Cute DIY Easter decorations 2015

Here is another tutorial for making yarn eggs. You can use parachute thread or yarn thread for making these eggs. Step by step tutorial for making these yarn Easter eggs is shown below. Make garland of these eggs to decorate your home. These eggs can also be used for making wreaths. Just join all the eggs to give shape of wreath. Tie meshwork bow on one end to give it cuter look.

DIY Easter decorations tutorials

DIY Easter Wreath ideas

You could also place colored egg shells in cake cups. You could also use plastic eggs or other types of artificial eggs. Use paper flowers, beads or stones to decorate eggs. Here are pictures for decorating Easter eggs for reference.

DIY Easter egg decoration ideas

DIY Hanging Easter Decorations

Hanging decorations could be used for decorating walls, rooms and garden. Use felt and other printed fabrics with vibrant colors in egg shape to decorate walls and garden to make your home cute on occasion of Easter. Here are some pictures to give you ideas about DIY Easter decorations.

DIY Easter ornaments

Hanging DIY Easter ornaments

DIY Easter Carrot Crafts

Easter decorations are considered incomplete without bunny and carrots. I have also gathered some DIY Easter crafts ideas for making DIY carrots. You could make cute carrots with newspaper, yarn etc.  Just make a shape of carrot with newspaper and cover carrots with some yarn of different colors on the carrots. Hang or place these carrots in your garden to make it cute.

DIY Easter decorations

DIY easter decorations with paper

Carrot garland can also be made by using paper of green and orange red color. These carrot garlands are best for Easter party decorations. So these were some cute and easy DIY Easter decorations hope they will help you in decorating your home and garden. I will soon come up with some more Easter crafts ideas. Till than Take Care..


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