Easy DIY Dog Toys Ideas Tutorials

DIY Dog toys are one of interesting topics I have recently blogged about. According to a survey dogs are the most favorite pet of males and females around World. Dogs are very smart and they understand the situations very well. They adjust in family and recognize each individual in the family. Puppies are cute and they like to play with family members. Dogs also love to play with dog toys. Dog toys come in all shape and sizes in market but do it your self dog toys is interesting activity which can save your money as well. I am going to share some homemade dog toys ideas which will cheer up your bore dog. These handmade dog toys are also best for training of dogs. I am sure you will like my selection of  cheap dog toys. One good thing about DIY dog toys is that you know about the material of which these toys are made of. Let us wait no further and read handmade dog toys ideas one by one.

DIY Braided Dog Toys from Fleece

Braided dog toys can be made with fleece fabric. Up use pieces of fleece for making braided dog toys at home. DIY fleece dog toys in different patterns and shapes are shown below. Old t-shirt can also be up used for making braided dog toys for your lovely pet. Here I have added some pictures where pet toys are shown made with fleece and old t-shirts as well. Step by step tutorial for making dog toys is also given in one of the pictures added below.

Cheap DIY dog toys

Fleece dog toys DIY

DIY dog toys tutorial with steps

Stuffed Handmade DIY Dog Toys

Stuffed dog toys can also be made at home in different shapes if you know simple cutting and stitching techniques. Make stuffed Christmas tree dog toys, Donut dog toys, stuffed bone dog toy etc. You can see different cheap DIY stuffed dog toys in the pictures added below which are made with fabric cut in different shapes and they are stuffed with wool after sewing. You pet will love to play with these stuffed toys.

Stuffed dog toys DIY

Handmade dog toys ideas


Yarn dog toys can also be made. See the picture shown below in which stuffed yarn toy is made in the shape of bone. Old sweater can also be used for making this bone shaped toys. Also give surprise to your dog by placing your pet’s favorite treat in the yarn glove. Your dog will enjoy playing and eating with this glove toy.

DIY dog toys

Easy dog toys ideas

Water Bottle and Ball Dog Toys

Guess which is the most favorite playing item of the dog? If your answer is the ball then you are right. So making dog toy with ball is the best idea. Just place ball in a piece of cloth and make braids or knots at the end to hide and fix the ball. Pictures of ball dog toys are given below. Plastic bottle can also be used in a similar way for making DIY home made dog toys. Place some beads or stones inside the bottle to produce noise as well.

Handmade DIY dog toys

DIY Dog toys with ropes

Upcycled dog toys DIY

Interactive Dog Toys DIY

Interactive DIY dog toys are best to keep your dog busy. To keep your dog busy during summers make ice toy for your dog. Just place dog toys in a bowl full of water and freeze the bowl. Now present this ice toy o your beloved pet.  You can also make ball interactive toys for dogs. Just place some balls in cupcake trays and leave it to your dog to play and enjoy. Here are some pictures of interactive dog toys which can be made at home.

Homemade dog toys ideas

Interactive DIY dog toys

These were some easy and cheap DIY dog toys ideas. Hope you will try some of these ideas for making playful and cute toys for your pets at home with your own hands. See you soon with some more DIY ideas for lovely pets.

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