DIY Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas 2016

Everybody is looking for new and latest Christmas decoration trends. So I have decided today to share some DIY Christmas tree decoration ideas 2016. Merry holiday decorations are incomplete without well decorated Christmas tree. Christmas trees are iconic items of Christmas and well decorated Christmas trees are admired by everybody. Conventionally Christmas trees are decorated with ornaments and lights. If you are looking for some cheap Christmas tree decorating ideas then this post can help. I have added DIY Christmas tree decorating ideas with handmade ornaments in my post. You can make these DIY Christmas tree ornaments out of simple things and materials without putting burden on your pockets. So lets see how you can do DIY Christmas tree decoration with handmade Christmas ornaments.

First DIY handmade ornament is made with wires, pinecones and nuts. make snowflake ornaments out of cones and nuts to give cool look to your christmas tree decoration. Steps for making this ornaments are shown in the picture.

Christmas tree decoration 2014

DIY Christmas Tree decoration With Ribbon Ornaments
Make hand made ornaments with different types of ribbons to decorate your Christmas tree. Here are some pictures where handmade ornaments are shown made with different types of ribbons hang them on Christmas tree to makeup your Christmas tree.

Handmade Christmas tree decoration
For making this first handmade ribbon ornament make eight or six petals of equal size out of silver ribbon. Now use needle thread and large round beads to join all the petals in a shape of flower to complete the ornament. Second ornament can be made with single ribbon strip and beads tutorial for making second DIY ornament is shown in the picture.

DIY Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree decoration DIY

DIY Christmas Ornaments With Pasta
If you are a pasta lover then your love for pasta will get double after making these cute DIY ornaments with pasta. Kiddos will also love to participate in these varsatile pasta ornaments for Christmas tree decoration. All you need is pasta of different shapes and hot glue. Join pasta with hot glue in different shades as shown in the picture to make snow flakes and angel ornaments. If you want to give glamorous look to these ornaments paint them with silver, white or golden paints.

DIY Christmas tree decoration 2014

DIY Christmas ornaments with pasta

DIY Christmas tree decoration

DIY Christmas Tree Decoration with Popsicle Sticks
Use Popsicle stick for making handmade Christmas ornaments. Make Santa ornaments using card paper, Popsicle sticks, glue and colored markers. Hang it on Christmas tree to decorate your tree without spending money. Second handmade Popsicle stick ornament can be made with Popsicle sticks. Use Popsicle sticks for creating cute angel ornaments for your Christmas tree decoration.

DIY popsicle stick ornaments

Christmas tree decoration with angels

Round Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments
Make hanging round DIY Christmas tree ornament using junk materials. First Christmas tree decorating ornament is made with used tin cane pulling clips. Stick them on styro foam ball with common pins or with the help of glue. Hang them on Christmas tree with natural hues or paint them with white or red paint to add traditional Christmas touch.

Christmas tree decoration ornaments

Make this DIY Christmas tree decorating ornament with used newspaper. Use hot glue, newspaper, acrylic shimmer paint etc for making this handmade Christmas ornament DIY. Steps for making ornament are shown below.

Steps of making DIY ornaments


DIY Santa And Snowman Ornaments
Use twigs, red and white paint to make cute Santa ornaments for decorating Christmas tree. You can also make cute snowman ornaments with peanuts and paint. These DIY Christmas tree decorating ideas will give spiritual look to your Christmas tree decoration. Hope you will try these DIY Christmas tree decoration ideas 2016. See you soon with some new posts on Christmas trees and Christmas decorations 2016.

DIY Santa ornament handmade

Christmas tree ornaments DIY


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