Inexpensive DIY Christmas Ornaments to make at Home

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Nature Inspired DIY Christmas Ornaments 2015

If you are a lover of natural things like me then you will find these ideas of making Christmas ornaments more interesting. Here I am going to share some ideas for making Christmas ornaments from natural things like wood, twigs, fruits, seeds, pine cones etc.

Use dried citrus slices and decorate them with ribbons and glitters for making unique nature inspired ornaments this Christmas. Perfect for your Christmas tree.

Rustic DIY Christmas ornaments

Use Styrofoam balls for making these unique seed covered ornaments. These DIY ornaments are best especially if you are going to decorate with rustic theme.

DIY Christmas ornaments projects

Add some glitter to used wine bottle corks and join them with glue to make some cute Christmas ornaments.

DIY Christmas ornaments and decorations

You could also make mini hanging Christmas trees using twigs as shown in the picture given below. Another idea of making wood ornaments is using wood slices. Use wood slices and make some patterns on these slices by wood etching. Choose Christmas related patterns for etching like snowflakes, Reindeer, etc.

DIY Wood Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas tree projects

Kids will love making these Popsicle stick ornaments. Just provide your kids some Popsicle sticks, glue and some paints they could participate in Holiday DIY projects by making these Popsicle stick ornaments.

DIY Popsicle stick ornaments

If you are looking for quick and easy last minute DIY Christmas Ornaments then here is an easy idea. Decorate pine cone with gold bell, ribbons, glitters beads or anything of your choice to make cute Holiday ornament.

DIY Pinecone ornaments for Christmas

Handmade Christmas Ornaments from Beads and Buttons

Up use your leftover beads and buttons for making these cute Christmas ornaments. Use Styrofoam balls and cover them with beads and buttons for making Christmas baubles at home. Similarly use wire and give it shape of Christmas tree, stars, snowflake etc and add colorful beads to the wire. You will have cute Christmas ornaments for decorating your Christmas tree, roofs and walls.

Cheap DIY Christmas ornaments

DIY Christmas ornaments from beads

DIY Christmas tree baubules

DIY Christmas tree ornaments


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