Easy DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas 2016

Christmas is all about happiness, cheers, parties, family reunions and gift exchanges. Gift exchange is an important feature of Christmas holidays. If you are planning for making some creative inexpensive DIY Christmas Gifts for your loved ones then some of my homemade Christmas gifts ideas 2016 will surely inspire you. I have added some unique ideas for making DIY Christmas gifts at home with things easily available at home and in market. Trend of giving handmade Christmas present has been increased alot these days. Handmade gifts require creativity and time for making so DIY gifts are considered more valuable as compare to other gifts. As far as Christmas gifts are concerned you have variety of choices for gift selection. different types of gifts are made and presented on Christmas like ornaments, edible gifts, decor items, flowers etc. I have also added variety of DIY handmade Christmas gifts ideas 2016 for you.

Handmade Christmas Flower Bouquet Gift
Flowers are presented as gift all over the world almost on every occasion. So idea of presenting handmade flower bouquet to your loved ones is not a bad idea. Here are some ideas for making handmade flowers bouquet out of different things. Choose any one of them as your Christmas present for your friends and family.
Use silver or golden wrapped chocolate candies for making these candy roses. Attach wire with each candy and cover wire with green wrapping paper. Now wrap each candy with petals made with red crepe paper to complete flower. Join ten to fifteen flowers to complete the bouquet. Second bouquet is made with paper flowers. For tutorial of making these paper flowers visit my previous post on paper flower tutorial.

Inexpensive DIY Christmas gifts

DIY Christmas gifts handmade


DIY Christmas Candle Gift Ideas
You can also present some handmade candle gifts to your friends as well. I have added some pictures of handmade candles which can be made at home. For making this first candle gift buy red candles and wrap thin scotch tape on the candle to make pattern of your choice. For making pattern shown in the picture twist scotch tape on the candle. Now brush hot glue on the candles and roll them in golden or silver glitter. Remove tape carefully to compete your handmade candle.
You can also fill candle wax in glass jars and make patterns with tape on the jar in similar way. Now spray jars with shimmer paint or roll them in glitter as well.

Easy DIY Christmas gifts

DIY Christmas gifts for friends

DIY Christmas presents

DIY Christmas Coffee Mug Present
Gift DIY coffee mug made with your own hands and heart to your friends, teachers and others during snowy holidays. Make patterns like dots, flowers etc on the plain ceramic mug with permanent ink marker. You can also write any quotation on the mug as well. To make your handmade gift more exciting fill coffee mug with chocolates, marshmallows, fruity beans, dry fruits etc. You can also wrap this filled mug or for simple decoration tie a ribbon bow around the mug. Here are some pictures of DIY Christmas presents made by mugs.

DIY Christmas mugs gifts

DIY Christmas gifts 2014

DIY Edible Christmas Gifts For Kids.
If you are looking for some gifts for kids then DIY edible Christmas gifts are the best choice. edible chocolates, marshmallows, cookies and candies can be presented to kids. kids can also present edible gifts to their friends and class mates. Edible gifts packed in proper ways are best holiday gifts. Here are some edible gifts made with chocolates packed to make Santa, angels, reindeer etc. You can also pack chocolates, marshmallows, candies etc to make snowman, ice cream cones , wreaths etc. picture of edible DIY Christmas gifts are shown below.

Christmas gifts for kids DIY

DIY Christmas gifts ideas

DIY Christmas gifts for kids

Edible DIY Christmas gifts

Snowman DIY Christmas Gifts 
Make handmade snowman ornaments DIY gifts with socks and bottle to gift your friend. This iconic snowman Christmas gift is unique as well as inexpensive. Tutorial for making snowman Christmas gift out of used socks is shown below with steps. You can also recycle wine bottle to make snowman present for your friends.

Handmade gift ornaments DIY

Christmas presents DIY

DIY Christmas Pillow Presents
Gift handmade iconic pillows to your friends this Christmas. Here are two pictures for making DIY handmade pillow gifts. First one is made with leftover fabric pieces in green and red color. Christmas tree is made on the pillow to symbolize Christmas. You can make this pillow at home with simple sewing techniques. second pillow is made with hands and feet printed with paint to make reindeer. hope you will like these pillow gift ideas.

Handmade Christmas presents

Inexpensive gifts for Christmas

This was all about inexpensive DIY Christmas gifts ideas 2014 to make at home. Wrap and pack these gifts in a creative and beautiful way to make them more presentable. See my post on DIY gift boxes for Christmas to get gift boxes and gift packing ideas for Christmas.

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