20 DIY Christmas Decorations And Crafts Ideas

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Affordable DIY Christmas Hanging Decorations
Here are some more hanging DIY  Christmas decorations which can be made with cheap affordable materials.
Make this pasta snowflake with different types of pasta. Use glue to join pasta for making snowflake shape. Paint it with white acrylic and hang it in your room, windows, door or Christmas tree to celebrate Christmas holidays.

DIY Christmas decorations

Use small bulbs for Christmas tree decoration but make them more beautiful by covering bulbs with glitters of different colors. Paste stones on bulbs and use decorative ribbons for hanging these bulbs.

Handmade christmas ornaments

Make this pom pom decoration by using card board. Cut plate in circle shape and cut another small circle in the middle. Wrap pink net fabric around it for completing the pom pom. you can wrap fabric around used CD as well to make decorative pom pom.

Cheap christmas decorations

DIY Christmas Decorations With Pine Cones
Use pine cones for making Christmas decoration items. Hang pine cones with the help of fancy ribbons for doors and window decoration. Paint cones with white acrylics to to give them new look.

DIY christmas decor

DIY christmas decorations with pine cones

Naturally  pine cones have shape of Christmas tree. So why don’t you make mini Christmas tree with these pine cones this Christmas. This last minute Christmas decoration is easy to make and adorable as well. Just paint pine cone with green acrylic neatly. now use puffy paint in red green and yellow colors to make lights on mini Christmas tree. Everybody will appreciate this mini pine cone Christmas tree decoration.

DIY christmas tree ideas


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