DIY Christmas Decor Ideas 2016

Well Christmas will be soon around the corner and here i am with another post regarding Christmas decor. DIY Christmas decor ideas 2016 includes modern and classic decor ideas for Christmas. So if you are a classic style of a person or you are a modern fellow and like changed and new crafts for Christmas you are surely going to like our DIY Christmas decor ideas for 2016. Although Christmas decorations are available at market for readily use but the fun part is making such crafts at home. It will surely double your joy for the occasion. These DIY ideas can also save lot of money as well. Pick any one idea from our Christmas decor ideas 2016 and try it at home you will have a pleasant experience. Let us see our DIY Christmas decorations one by one.

DIY Modern Christmas Decor Ideas
If you want to makeup your home modern this year then i have number of ideas for decorating home in a modern way for Christmas. You can go for modern style ornaments, modern wreaths, and other modern looking christmas trees and crafts. You can get different ideas for DIY modern Christmas decor from the ornaments and crafts shown below.

Christmas decorations and fall decorations are considered incomplete without wreaths. You can make wreaths out of different things and materials to decorate doors, walls and windows. I have given ideas for making DIY modern Christmas wreaths 2016. First wreath is made of paper flowers in pink color. You can make this wreath with traditional white and red paper flowers as well. Steps for making flowers are shown in picture but for details you can see our previous post about paper flower tutorials. All you have to do is to make numerous paper flower and after making flowers paste them on the wreath ring with any adhesive. Add green paper leaves as well to give more natural look. Try to cover each and every part of the wreath completely with flowers and leaves.

DIY christmas decor wreaths

You can also try DIY modern wreaths made with yarn and ribbons as well. Decorate yarn and ribbon wrapped wreaths with ribbon or net fabric butterfly knots. You can also use paper or fabric flowers for decorating ribbon and yarn Christmas wreaths.

Modern DIY christmas decor

Modern DIY christmas wreaths 2014

Make this modern hanging Christmas ornament with paper and beads. Just bead paper flowers and beads one by one in a string. You can see tutorial for making this paper ornament in our post on DIY Christmas decorations.

DIY christmas decor crafts

Make these Christmas tree centerpieces with tree branches painted with silver acrylics to give snowy look. Hang round shiny ornaments on the tree or painted pine cones to decorate these DIY  Christmas tree centerpieces.

Easy christmas decorations DIy

Make this pearl cluster ornament with Styrofoam ball. Paste pearls on the Styrofoam ball or attach them on the ball by beading them in common pins. Tie these pearl cluster ornaments with net fabric knots. These modern pearl cluster decorations can be used for Christmas tree decor.

Modern christmas decorations 2014

This modern DIY Christmas decor centerpiece can be made with PVC pipe and painted round glass ornaments. Use PVC pipes with two different sizes. Use thick one for making the stem and thin ones can be used for making branches. After that attach ornaments at the end of branches.

Modern DIY christmas decor 2014

DIY Christmas Decor Ideas With Rustic Crafts And Ornaments
Well if you are planning for decorating home with rustic ornaments and decorations this Christmas then you can try out crafts shown below. Create rustic Christmas crafts with rough fabric, wood, jute etc. I have shown some pictures where DIY rustic Christmas decorations are made and used for decorating home and outdoors.
make this Christmas garland with wood slices and a jute string. Hang this rustic Christmas decoration outdoor or indoor to make your home rustically beautiful during merry holidays.

Rustic christmas decorations 2014

You can make rustic Christmas tree in different styles at home. I have displayed three pictures below where classic DIY Christmas trees are displayed made with wood pallets, driftwood etc. Hanging Christmas tree in different style can also be made. Add candles, ornaments, pine cones, lights etc to add more colors, beauty and charm to give your home magical Christmas feel.

Rustic christmas tree ideas

DIY hanging christmas trees


Driftwood Christmas tree DIY

You can also make this DIY wreath for Christmas decor 2014. You will need ornaments, ribbons, jute string, rough thick fabric etc for making this DIY Christmas decor craft.

Rustic christmas decorations DIY

Just place candles in your glasses. wrap beaded wire and thin jute string around the glass to make this adorable classic rustic Christmas centerpiece. Place these rustic candles on your dining table to make your holiday dinner classical.

DIY christmas decoration ideas

These cool rustic round ornaments covered with jute and fabric are best for DIY Christmas tree decoration.

Rustic DIY christmas decor

I hope you will try some of DIY Christmas decor ideas from category of modern and rustic Christmas decoration. Choose crafts and decorations according to your choice and don’t forget to share your experience. See you soon with some new Christmas stuff.

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