DIY Bird Feeders Projects To Do With Kids

I have shared number of articles for garden decor. I have shared tutorial with my viewers for making DIY bird baths and decorative bird houses. Today I am going to talk about DIY bird feeders. I have number of ideas to make bird feeders with recycled or spare materials. You can hang these bird feeders and hang them in your garden to attract birds in your garden. Apart from decoration feeding birds and animals is a kind act. Bird feeding project ideas which I am going to share are easy to make and you can make these bird feeders with your kids. Your kids will also love to make these creative and cute bird feeders. Some easy bird feeder ideas are very easy to follow and kids can make them easily.

DIY Cane Bird Feeder

Now you can recycle empty cane and make it a bird feeder. All you need to do is paint the cane with colors than place a stick inside the cane and fix it either with wire or you can simply use glue to fix it. But if you use glue than do let it dry completely, now hang the bird feeder with the help of colorful matching ribbon. DIY bird feeder is ready to beautify your garden and home.

DIY bird feeders

Well if you are willing to make something more creative with empty canes than try lady bug bird feeder or honey bee bird feeders. Take empty canes with lid, paint the whole cane with black color now make hole in the middle, use sticker paper to make eyes of lady bug or honey bee. Make another hole for inserting sitting stick for birds. Paste lady bug or honey bee stickers on the middle of the canes if you don’t have stickers you can paint them like bee and lady bird. You can also make beautiful wings with the help of foldable wire and net. Hang these amazing  DIY bird feeders at an appropriate shaded place.

DIY bird feeders with canes

Milk Jug Bird Feeder Ideas

Milk jugs and empty bottles are easily available at home. Use these empty jugs and bottles and covert these into piece of a DIY craft. Take and empty bottle of milk and make hole in it for placing bird feed. Decorate it with paint, buttons or beads. Do remember to insert sitting stick in the bird feeder.

DIY bird feeders for kids

Take empty milk plastic jug. Make square shaped holes in its front part. Insert one sitting sticks as shown in the picture below. Use paint to decorate bird feeder. Milk jug bird feeder is ready. If you want to hand it tie wire with the neck of the jug.

Milk jug bird feeders

You can also use empty pet bottle in the same way for making bird feeder. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that bottle should not be too small and it should be cut in a manner that birds find it easy to locate their feed.

Kids DIY bird feeders

Tea Cup DIY Bird Feeders

Now do not throw away your old cutlery and kitchen items. Use your old cup and saucer as bird feeder and amaze everyone with your sense of creativity. You can also use old sauce pan as a pot of bird feed. Make holes on the three sides of the sauce pan and also make similar holes on the lid of the pan. Use wire to attach the lid with pan. Use spoons and forks as sitting stick. Unique bird feeder is ready.

Tea cup bird feeders

Home made bird feeders

Hanging DIY Bird Feeders

Our last bird feeder idea is hanging bird feeders. If you want to make quick and simple hanging bird feeder than take an empty round glass dish or plate and use chain to hang it, it’s a quick bird feeder. You can also use wood to make a square shaped bird feeder. Use wires to hang your square wooden bird feeder.  Use net to make base of bird feeder and use steel hooks for hanging wire. DIY bird feeder is ready.

Simple DIY bird feeders

Easy DIY bird feeders

Hanging DIY bird feeders

We hope that you and your kids will try to make one of these DIY bird feeders and enjoy making these bird feeders. See you next time with some more DIY ideas. Do take care of yourself bye.!!

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  1. I absolutely love some of those bird feeders. I can see kids having a lot of fun building them too. I really do like your website. Keep up the awesome posts.

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