DIY Bird Bath Projects For Summer Garden Decor

To have a beautiful garden in house is dream of every person. Until now we have given ideas regarding arrangement of flowers and decorative bird houses. Today we have come up with yet another beautiful and noble idea which will not only decorate your garden but also will contribute towards betterment of environment.  Our today’s topic is DIY bird bath project ideas for summer garden decor. Bird baths are very vital for birds in summer. According to an estimate a large number of birds in summer die because of dehydration. To Place a bird bath in your beautiful garden means inviting beautiful birds in your garden and giving them a lot of comfort. This will not only beautify your garden but it is also a noble and kind act. So why to wait let us read some easy and fun DIY bird bath ideas.

Tea Mug Bird Bath Idea

Our first bird bath can be made easily at home. You can make this bird bath easily at home with the help of your old or useless saucer and cup. Just place saucer or old plate on the ground or stand in your garden and then hang tea mug above plate as shown in the picture. You can use chain or rope for hanging cup. Fill the plate with water and your bird bath is ready.

DIY bird bath ideas

Simple Hanging Tub Bird Baths

You can also make bird bath at home simply by using spare plastic bowl and rope. You can hang these plastic bath tubs in on trees to attract birds in your garden. Just make round circle of the rope by tying knots keeping in view the size of your bowl. Now fit bowl on the hole and then hang your bowl with tree branch by using three equal pieces of ropes which will balance your plastic bowl as well.

easy bird bath ideas

To make hanging tub bird bath you can use old nests of birds found on tree branches. You can also make DIY nest by using flexible branches or straws. Now make DIY bath for birds just like above but place your bowl in the center of nest as shown in the picture.

Bird bath for garden


DIY Bird Bath Ideas With Wash Basin

You can use your old wash basin to make DIY  bird bath as well. If you have changed you wash basin of your bathroom recently then you can use your old wash basin to make unique bird bath. Place wash basin with the stem of any tree to give support. Just seal the sink of your wash basin and place decorative stones in basin if you want to make it look beautiful. Now fill it with water. Your unique bird bath is ready.

Bird baths DIY for summer

You can use same idea for making bird bath with crystal bowl. Just take a crystal or crystal plastic bowl and fill it with water. You can also place stones or sea shells on the base of this bowl.  You can place it on wooden blocks, or concrete blocks in your garden. This will make your garden cute and attractive.

Summer garden decor with bird baths

Here is another idea of making water bath for birds. Just bury ends of four wooden sticks in your garden. These sticks will act as stand of your bird bath. Now place ceramic bowl on this stand and fill it with water. Your cute bath for birds is ready.

Bird bath project DIY

Fancy Bath Bowls For Birds

I am here with another DIY idea for making fancy bath bowl for your garden birds. All you need is old deep tray or plate, plaster of Paris and old CDs. First of all make small pieces of CDs with the help of cutter as shown in the picture. Now make paste of plaster of Paris and apply layer of medium thickness on the tray or plate. Now cover paste of plaster of Paris with the help of pieces of CDs. Your fancy bath bowl is ready. Place it in your garden when filled with water these CD fragments will reflect light and make your garden beautiful.

How to make DIY bird bath

Cool  DIY Bird Bath For Summer Garden Decor

Here is another picture tutorial for making DIY bath bowl for birds. First of all make a pile of clay. Pile must have conical shape. Now place a large sized leaf on the heap. Keep the back side with prominent veins up. Now cover your leaf with paste of  cement and sand and let it dry. Your leaf shaped bowl made of cement is ready. Now paint your bowl and fill it with water to make water bath for your garden birds this summer. Picture tutorial is given below for your ease.

DIY bird bath tutorial

DIY Water Bath Made Of Planting Pots

Usually all the gardens have planting pots for decoration. Beside the purpose of planting you can use planting pots for making stands of bird bath as well. I have given pictures below where painted pots are used for making DIY baths for birds. You can make and decorate pot bird baths by using different colored stones and beads as well.

DIY bird bath ideas

Garden decor with bird baths

This was all about DIY bird bath ideas. Hope you will try these bird bath projects at home to make your garden more beautiful and to attract cute birds towards your garden this summer.





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