DIY Baby Gifts Ideas for Baby Shower Basket

If somebody is expecting in your friends or family and you are planning to gift baby shower to them then making cute DIY Baby gifts is the best idea. Handmade baby gifts are not only inexpensive but baby gifts made by your own hands also loved by receivers because they are made with the core of heart. So just pick up any one idea of your choice and add one more creative and cute gift within your baby shower basket. Baby shower baskets are considered incomplete without baby clothes and baby shoes. So making cute baby dresses and baby shoes is the best idea. Here are some ideas for making DIY Baby gifts for cute babies.

DIY Baby Shoes Ideas

If you want to make cute and easy baby shoes to gift somebody then here are some nice and easy ideas for making handmade baby shoes. I have also added step by step tutorial for making DIY baby shoes. You could use different types of fabrics and stuffs for making baby shoes. Baby shoes could be made with felt, yarn, or any other fabric of your choice.

In first picture you could see step by step tutorial for making handmade baby shoes with fabric and in second picture step by step tutorial for making felt shoes is also given. Just follow the steps and your cute DIY baby shoes are ready to gift someone innocent and cute. Baby shoes made with lace and baby shoes made with wool are also displayed below.

DIY baby shoes tutorial step by step

DIY Baby gifts tutorials

Handmade baby gifts ideas

DIY Baby shoes 2015

DIY Baby Towel Ideas

Baby shower basket is incomplete without baby towels. Here are some ideas for making baby towel gifts for adding something cute in shower basket. Wrap baby blankets or baby gifts in different styles and shapes to create something cute. Here are some pictures where baby towels and blankets are rolled and packed in different shapes. Hope you will like them.

DIY Baby shower gifts ideas

DIY Baby shower towels

DIY Baby Mobile Gifts Ideas

Make hanging colorful mobiles for adding more colors and beauty to your baby shower basket. Baby mobile could be made with salt dough, felt, or stuffed animals. Here are some pictures where DIY baby mobiles are showed which are made with salt dough ornaments and felt ornaments.

Handmade baby mobile gift ideas

DIY Baby mobile ideas

DIY Baby Headbands

One of the best DIY baby gifts ideas is baby headbands. By using elastic, flowers etc you could make colorful and beautiful headbands for baby girls. So if you are planning for baby girl shower then adding baby headbands is very necessary. Here are some pictures of baby headbands which could be made quite easily at home without many expanses.

Baby headband gift ideas 2015

DIY Baby headband ideas

Well these were some ideas for making DIY Baby gifts to make creative and unique baby shower gift basket. Soon I will also come up with some more DIY Baby shower gift ideas. So keep visiting my site for more DIY ideas.


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