15 Handmade Creative Christmas Cards Designs DIY In 2016

I have shared some DIY Christmas gift ideas in one of my previous post. Today i have decided to share some creative Christmas cards designs ideas for friends and relatives. Make cute handmade holiday cards for loved ones to let them know about your creativity. Make out some iconic holiday cards by using different inexpensive things and materials. I have added some very simple handmade Christmas cards designs. Some holiday cards require little creativity as well as time. you can select the card from these cards according to time and things availability. Start making DIY handmade Christmas cards for all your friends in advance. First of all i will talk about simple handmade Christmas cards designs ideas.

DIY Simple Handmade Holiday Cards With Ribbon Bows
Here are some of the most simple handmade Christmas cards ideas. Red and white colors are considered iconic Christmas colors. Use ribbon bows in red and white color to decorate Christmas cards in a simple and different way.These handmade cards with red and white ribbon bows will give traditional look to your Holiday cards.
Make first sophisticated and simple Christmas greeting card by drawing simple Christmas tree. Paste simple red ribbon bow on the top to give iconic look to your handmade Holiday card. Second simple Christmas card can be made with making Christmas baubles with printed fabric or paper in red color. Use ribbon bows on the cards to make them look more cute. Third card can be made by pasting candy cane and ribbon bow on the simple card paper. Make gifts or red stocking by cutting paper and paste them on Holiday cards with red bows to make cards for Christmas at home. Cut round card papers of different colors to make wreath on handmade Christmas greeting card.

Handmade Christmas Cards Designs

Easy handmade Christmas cards

Creative Christmas cards designs

Cute Handmade holiday cards

Cute handmade Christmas cards


DIY Creative Christmas Cards With Paper Quilling
Make DIY cute Christmas greeting cards by paper quilling to surprise your friends. Cards made by paper quilling look more professional but they are quite easy to make. All you need is little creativity and time. Make Handmade Creative holiday cards by paper quilling to make poinsettia flowers, snowflakes, Christmas trees etc. Here are some handmade Christmas Cards designs made by paper quilling. Hope you will like them. Add some beads and stones on paper quilled flowers of the card to make them look more cute.

Handmade Christmas Cards 2014

Creative Holiday cards

Homemade holiday cards DIY

DIY Pop Up Christmas Cards Tutorials
If you want to present some different handmade cards to your friends then you can try pop up Christmas cards design. Here is step by step tutorial of making DIY pop up Holiday card to make at home. Hope this handmade pop up Christmas card will surprise your friends.

DIY pop up Christmas cards

Easy And Cute Handmade Christmas Cards 2014
Here are some easy and cute handmade creative  Christmas cards ideas which can be made out of simple materials. The first Christmas card shown below can be made with paint dipped thumbs to make bulb string. Write Merry or Happy Christmas with glitter on the card on the corner.

Easy DIY Christmas cards

Make and cut Christmas tree with green card paper and paste it on your Christmas card to complete it. Use laces and beads to add some more colors and decorations.

Easy Holiday Cards DIY

Cute Handmade Christmas cards

Here are some more creative Christmas cards designs ideas 2014. Make silver snow flakes from silver glitter sheet and paste them on black card paper to complete your unique handmade Christmas card. You can also use pink, red or green glitter sheet to make Christmas tree on the card. Paste some pearls on the glittery Christmas tree to symbolize lights.

Homemade Creative Christmas Cards

Homemade Holiday card designs

Christmas holiday cards designs

These were some DIY handmade creative Christmas cards designs ideas 2014. Hope you will select some of the cards for greeting merry Christmas to your friends and relatives in a creative way.

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