DIY Coral Home Decor Project Ideas

I have shared number DIY project ideas with my viewers on this site. I have talked about themed home decor ideas like Paris room decor; zebra print decor, sunflower kitchen decoration etc. Today I am going to share some ideas about DIY coral home decor. I will let you know that how you can use coral theme in decoration of your home. You can make these coral reef crafts at home with ease. So let’s move towards our first DIY coral reef craft.

coral home decor

Coral Reef Craft Made Of Plastic Spoon

If you have a pack of spare plastic spoon in your kitchen cabinet then you can use them to make DIY coral craft. Just take disposable plastic cup, glue, and pack of disposable plastic spoon. Cut the handles back straight side of spoon with cutter. Now take all the broad pieces of spoons and stick them on the cup with the help of glue to give it shape of coral as shown in the picture. Your coral reef craft is ready. You can light it up by placing small candle or bulb in it to make your coral reef lamp.

DIY coral home decor

DIY Sponge Craft

You can also make diy sponge craft for home decoration with coral theme. All you need is egg carton or egg tray. Now cut the fragments of egg tray with the help of cutter as shown in the picture. Now use wire and join all the pieces with the help of wire to give it shape of coral sponge. Now paint your coral with black color and paste red stones on the edges just like pictures. Everybody will appreciate you for this craft.

Coral home decor ideas

DIY Coral decor with fabric paint

You can also use fabric paint for making diy coral crafts. Just take card paper and draw shape of coral on it. Now cut it as shown in the picture with the help of paper cutter or blade. Your stencil is ready. Now use this stencil to paint your bed sheets and cushions with this coral reef stencil. In the picture shown below golden fabric paint is used to make coral you can try it in variety of colors.

Coral diy cushion ideas

Glass Paint For Making Coral

You can also make coral reefs on mirrors and glass. See our article on glass painting ideas for tutorial. In the picture displayed below you can see a glass painted with coral patterns.

DIY coral home decor ideas

Coral Crafts Made Of Tree Branches

You can also use tree branches to make coral reefs. Just take dried tree branch with shape of coral and paint it with red color. Your coral home decor craft  is ready. You can arrange this coral in vase to decorate your living room or bedroom.

Step by step coral home decor


Faux Coral Project With Tissue

You can make your coral project with the help of wire. Just take wire and give it shape of coral as shown in the picture. Now soak tissue paper in water in a bowl. After some hours your tissue will have paste like texture due to water. Now drain away excess water and add little glue in your tissue paste. You can grind tissue with water as well. Now apply this mixture of glue and softened tissue to cover wire as shown in picture. Your faux coral is ready. You can color it as well after drying.

Coral home decor tutorial

DIY Coral Home Decor By Wool

You can also use colorful wool to make coral reefs if you know how to do knitting. I have shared some pictures below to give ideas that how you can make different shapes and types of coral reefs by knitting with the help of colorful wool.

coral reef decoration

Coral reef home decor

This was all about coral home decor ideas to do at home. Hope they will help you to decorate your home with coral theme.




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