Cool Art Projects For Kids At Home And School

Usually kids love to make art pieces but if your kid has no interest in art projects then you can attract him with different interesting projects. I come up today with some cool art projects for kids. Art works can increase the mental capabilities of kids as well as they are good for spending spare time in creative and constructive way. No matter you are a parent or teacher this post will help you to provide our kids with healthy art activities to do at home and school. Kids will enjoy making these art and craft works for their class rooms and kids room as well. I have added variety of art projects with paints, rocks, paper etc which you can choose according to your kid’s interest. So lets see how kids can make cool paper crafts at home and school.

Cool art projects for children

Cool Art Projects For Kids With Construction Paper
Number of crafts can be made with construction paper. See this beautiful tree craft made with construction paper. Just cut small round pieces of construction paper with pinking shears. Use 2-3 shades of green construction paper for making tree canopy. Draw tree trunk on brown paper and cut it. Cut grass with fringe or simple scissors. Now you can paste these tree trunks and tree canopies on charts and walls with the help of glue to make trees or even orchard. Hope your kid will enjoy making this craft.

Cool art projects for kids

This corn art project can be made for spring season to decorate class, kitchen or dining room. All you need is Popsicle sticks, popcorn, and yellow and green construction paper. Draw shape of corns on paper and cut them. After shading and outlining you can give more natural look to corns. Paste yellow paper in the center to represent corn seeds. Now paste corns on yellow areas to represent seeds. Use these paper corns for decoration purposes.

Cool kids art projects

Here is another idea for making cool art project for kids  for summers. Summer class decoration can be done with these paper ice cream cones. Cut cones and ice creams in different colors and paste them on the walls. Paste glitter stars or colored sweet beans as well to decorate ice creams.

Art projects for kids step by step

Kids Art Projects With Paper Plates
I have added some pictures previously in my post to make kids paper plate crafts. Here are some more art projects for kids to do with paper plates. Cut and paint paper plates to make fish, or tortoise. See the pictures shown below for making these paper plate art projects.

Art projects with paper plates

Easy cool projects for kids

Kids Art Projects With Paint
Different types of kids art projects can be made with paints. Paints can be used for making rock crafts, canvas paintings and toilet paper rolls. Your kids will love to make these fun crafts with paints. Use Toilet paper rolls and paint to make these scary face this Halloween.

Scary art projects for kids

Canvas Paintings For Kids
Here are some ideas for making cartoon and abstract canvas paintings for kids. Use bright colors for making these paintings to make your room walls more colorful and bright.

Painting ideas for kids

Canvas art projects for kids

Rock and Shell Crafts
Make cute rocks and shell crafts with your kids using paints. Try painting shapes, cartoons and abstract art designs on shell and rocks to make cool art works. Your kids will love making these colorful projects. You can paste these rocks and shells on walls as well. Here are some pictures for your ease.

Rock art projects for kids

DIY cool art projects for kids

Art projects for kids
This was all about cool art projects for kids. Hope you and your kids will enjoy making these art projects for class and home decoration.

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