Stylish and Easy DIY Christmas Nail Art Designs 2016

I have posted many articles on DIY Christmas decorations, designs and preparations. Today I have decided to share some easy DIY Christmas nail art designs 2016. All the holiday nail art designs which I have shared are easy to make, moreover step by step tutorial of some nail art designs is also given along with picture. So makeup your hands with iconic Christmas patterns, designs and colors to feel more mystic with Christmas magic in the air. For making Christmas nail art designs you will need nail colors of traditional Christmas colors. Nail colors used in holiday nail art designs are red, white, green, silver and blue. Use shimmer (Glitter) nail colors as well in making Christmas nail polish designs. Use brushes of different thickness for making cute Christmas patterns on your nails. First of all I will talk about Christmas tree nail art designs.

Christmas Tree Nail Art designs 2016

Christmas tree is the symbol of Christmas. Holiday decorations are considered incomplete without well decorated Christmas tree. So why not paint Christmas tree patterns on your nails this Christmas. Make Christmas tree nail art with red, green and white colors on your nails. Use scotch tape for making Christmas tree designs on your nails. Step by step Christmas tree nail art tutorial is given below. All you need is nail paint of red, white, silver and golden color as well as pieces of scotch tape. Use glitter nail color for making Christmas tree to symbolize Christmas tree lights. You can also paste beads on your nails for making Christmas tree. You can also paste stickers of Christmas tree on simple painted nails.

Christmas nail art designs 2014

Christmas nail art designs tutorial



Christmas nail polish designs 2014

Easy Christmas nail art designs

Christmas tree nail art DIY



DIY Candy Cane Nail Art For Christmas

Christmas treats and gifts are considered incomplete without candy canes. Try this inspiring candy cane nail art design idea this Christmas. Use matte or shimmer nail polish in red and white color for painting your nails with candy cane nail art designs. First of all paint your nails with white nail polish. After drying of nail polish paste slant strips of scotch tape on nails to make candy cane designs. Paint nails with red nail color and remove tape after drying of nail paint. Your candy cane nail pattern for Christmas is ready.

Candy cane Christmas nail art designs

Christmas nail polish designs


Santa Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Make Santa face, Santa dresses and hats on your nails this Christmas. Here are some ideas for making Santa nail designs for these holidays. Hope you will like these easy Santa nail designs ideas.

Santa nail art ideas 2014

Easy holiday nail art

Easy holiday nail art ideas

Easy Christmas Nail Art designs 2016

Here are some more DIY easy holiday nail art ideas. Paint your nails with reindeer, snowman, snowflakes or Christmas baubles designs to give new look to your hands. You can also paint berries or poinsettia flowers on your nails as well. Some easy nail art designs for Christmas are shown in pictures I have displayed below.

Holiday nail art designs

Nail art designs for Christmas


DIY Christmas nail art designs

Christmas nail patterns 2014

Well these were some easy DIY Christmas nail art designs ideas 2016. Hope you will try some of these nail art designs these holidays to impress everybody with your style and creativity.




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