DIY Wall Art for Living Room

Living room depicts the aesthetic sense and creativity of the residents. Well organized and well decorated rooms reflect the good artistic personality and creativity of the residents. I am going to share some ideas for doing DIY Wall art for living room. I have shared various ideas for doing wall art on the walls of living room. All the crafts are easy to make and these wall art ideas will totally change the look of your living room walls. So have a look at these DIY wall decor crafts which you could be easily made at home without spending much money.

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DIY Heart Wall Art Ideas

Here are some heart wall art ideas for decorating living room walls in a lovely way. For making hearts shown in first two pictures make a heart shape with a wire. Now wrap tissue ribbons along the wire just like the picture I have added below. You could also wrap colorful strings or something else on hearts to give them cuter look. In third picture you could see string wall art made from string. Just arrange the nails in heart shape and wrap string around the nails. I have added the picture below to help you out. The last heart craft is made of different types of printed strips. Just arrange these strips in heart shape and your easy wall décor craft is ready. You could also arrange wooden sticks in heart shape to make beautiful wall decor craft for your living room.

DIY Wall art for living room

Heart wall art for living room


Easy DIY wall art for living room

Living room wall art tutorials

Living room wall decoration


DIY String Wall Art

String wall art could be made easily using wooden board, string and nails. Choose different shapes for making string wall art. Arrange nails in shape of your choice like heart, circle, butterfly, star etc. I have added some pictures below for making different types of easy and cute string nail art for walls of living room. Hope you will like them.

String wall art for living room

Easy wall art for living room

Living Room Wall Decor with Frames

Wooden or metal frames could also be used for decorating living room walls. Place a mirror inside the frames for different look. Here are some pictures where different types of frames are used for living room wall decoration.

Metal frames for living room walls

Living room wall decor

Cheap wall art ideas 2015

DIY Wood Wall Art for Living Room

Wood could also be used in different ways for decorating walls of living room. Pate wood slices on a wooden board for making cute wall décor craft shown in the first picture. In second picture painted wooden sticks are used for making wall decoration craft. Wooden shelves could also be used fo r decorating living room walls. Just fix some simple wooden shelves on the wall of your living room and then place some beautiful decoration items on the shelves.

Handmade wall art for living room

Canvas art for living room

Living room wall decoration 2015

DIY Doily Wall Art Ideas

Recycle doily for making some cute crafts for decorating your room walls. Frame doily in wooden frames or paste doily on the canvas for making cheap and easy wall decoration craft. Here are the pictures for you.

Cheap DIY wall decor

Wall art for living room DIY

Paper Wall Art for Living Room

If you are looking for some super easy and cheap living room wall art then the best idea for decorating wall is paper wall art. Use paper butterflies, flowers etc made of paper for decorating walls of your living room without spending much money.

DIY living room wall art

Paper wall art for living room

Well this was all for today about wall art for living room. Keep visiting my blog for more DIY crafts and decoration ideas.

DIY Wall Art Decor Ideas 2015

Welcome this year 2015 by giving new and artistic look to your home walls. In my today’s post you would be able to find some creative DIY wall art decor ideas 2015.  I will give you some creative ideas for decorating your walls by making your own decorations without buying expensive decor items from market. Decorate walls of your living room, bedroom, kid’s room and dining hall with art ideas I am going to share. Have added ideas for making wall decorations by up using waste materials and left overs available in store. So get ready to make up your room walls in a new style with our decoration ideas.

3D Wall Art Decor With Paper

Use paper for making 3d wall art for decorating your walls with cute and creative decor items. I am going to share some pictures of DIY 3d wall art decor which you can make at home quite easily. In first picture I have displayed 3d paper butterflies for wall decoration. Make butterflies of different sizes, shapes and colors out of different types of papers to decorate your room walls. Here are some pictures of paper butterflies which can be used for decorating walls.

3D wall art decor with paper

Framed wall art decor ideas


Make colorful 3d paper hearts for decorating walls. Paste these paper hearts on a thread to make string and then hang 3d heart strings on hanger string or any other thing to decorate room walls. Here is the picture for heart string art.

DIY wall art with paper

Make 3d paper flowers of different shapes and sizes for making DIY wall art at home. I have added some pictures below for making DIY paper flowers for wall decoration. Just twist and fold the ends of flowers to give more natural look to flowers.

DIY wall flowers tutorial

3d Wall art decor ideas

DIY wall decorations