Easy DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas on Budget

Bedroom is the place for relaxing and sleeping after all the hectic chores and burdens of daily life. Well decorated bedrooms provide more comfort and relaxation as compare to undecorated rooms. So decorate your bedroom with these easy DIY bedroom decor ideas on budget. There is no need of buying expensive decoration items, just use these DIY ideas for decorating bedroom in new and cute style. There are various ideas for decorating bedroom without spending much money. Make DIY frames for bedroom decorating, framed mirrors or some DIY light fixtures and globes. First of all I will talk about DIY bedroom decoration with frames.

Easy bedroom decorations DIY

Bedroom Decoration with DIY Frames

DIY Framed canvas paintings, framed mirrors and other framed decorative items can be made at home without spending much money. Use embroidery frames and frame some colorful printed fabric pieces in these frames to decorate walls of your bedroom. I have added picture of colored fabric framed with common embroidery frames. You can make these DIY frames to decorate your bedroom walls. Square fabric frames can also be used for DIY bedroom decor.

DIY bedroom decor ideas

Easy DIY bedroom decor

DIY bedroom decoration with frames

DIY Bedroom Decor With Buntings And Garlands

DIY buntings and garlands can also be made for decorating bedroom in a different way. If you are a teenager or decorating bedroom for teenager then idea of using garlands and buntings is best. Use colorful fabric for making buntings and heart shaped garlands and hang them on walls or bed crown to make bedroom different and cute. Up use old CDs for making garland and hang these CD garland on your bedroom windows for inexpensive decoration. See the picture below for making DIY CD garland.

DIY bedroom decor on budget

DIY bedroom decorating ideas for teenagers

DIY bedroom decor tutorial

Modern Bedroom Decor With Light Globes

If you want to make your bedroom looking modern and stylish without spending much money then idea of hanging handmade DIY light globes is most feasible and appropriate. Here are pictures of yarn and string hanging lights. All you need is balloon, yarn strings and glue. Blow up balloon and wrap thread around the balloon to cover it completely. Now make thick layer of glue on the balloon and let it dry. After drying of glue remove balloon and fix LED bulb in the string globe. Your DIY hanging globe is ready. Hang this handmade light fixture in your bedroom to give it modern and stylish look without spending too much money. These light globes can also be made with laces. See my post on DIY light fixtures for more ideas.

DIY Bedroom decor with lights

Modern DIY bedroom decor

Easy Bedroom Decor Ideas with Headboards

Headboards can be made at home out of cushions of different sizes. These DIY cushion headboards will make your bed and bedroom more cozy and pretty as well. See the pictures shown below for getting ideas about making DIY headboards with cushions at home. Make headboards with cushions of different sizes to make your bedroom colorful, stylish and modern.

DIY headboard ideas

Cheap DIY bedroom ideas

These were some creative and easy DIY bedroom decor ideas which can be used for decorating bedroom on budget in modern and stylish way. Keep visiting my blog for more DIY d├ęcor ideas to do at home.

Easy DIY Birthday Cards Ideas and Designs

Creative handmade gifts and cards are adored by everybody as compare to market made cards and gifts. So get ready to surprise your loved ones by greeting them with DIY birthday cards. I come up today with some easy handmade birthday cards ideas and designs to make at home. All you want is little creativity and colorful papers. I will give ideas about different types of DIY birthday cards which you can make at home for greeting your friends and family on their birthdays. No matter you like DIY popup birthday cards, DIY 3D birthday cards or paper quilled birthday cards, all the birthday cards designs and instructions for making these cards are given in my post. First of all I will give ideas about modern 3d or popup birthday cards.

DIY Pop Up and 3D Birthday Cards Ideas

Popup birthday cards can also be made at home with little creativity and work. Birthday party decorations are considered incomplete without colorful balloons. Use these iconic birthday balloons for making DIY 3d birthday cards and popup birthday cards for your friends. Cut colorful balloons out of colored card papers and use them to make DIY balloon birthday cards for your friends. Step by step tutorial for making birthday cards DIY with balloons is shown in the picture below. Two other cards with balloons are also displayed which can also be made with colorful card paper balloons.

3D DIY birthday cards

DIY popup birthday cards

DIY 3D birthday cards

DIY Birthday Cards Designs With Cakes

Greet your friends and loved ones on their birthdays with handmade cake cards. Make traditional birthday cakes with candles out of paper and paste them on the cards to greet your friends in a sweet way. In first three pictures cupcake birthday cards are shown which can be made at home quite easily. Use real cupcake wrapper for making base of the cupcake, it will look more natural and cute. You can also paste real candle on the cupcake to make your handmade birthday card more creative and different. You can try other creative things like pasting a real jelly bean on the top of your paper cupcake.

DIY Birthday cards  ideas

Cupcake birthday cards DIY

Easy DIY birthday cards

Simple DIY Birthday Cards

Try out these creative last minute homemade birthday card designs if you are a busy girl or guy. Make buntings or candles out of leftover fabric or paper fragments and paste them on birthday cards. Pasting real candles on the card with paper candle flames also look creative and amazing. Here are some handmade birthday cards designs which are easy to make at home.

Easy handmade birthday cards

Homemade birthday cards ideas

DIY Paper Quilled Birthday Cards Ideas

If you have time then make these cute and artistic birthday cards with paper quilling. I personally like paper quilled birthday cards as they look very artistic and professional as well. Use colorful quilled paper flowers to decorate birthday greeting cards. Some simple paper quilled flowers are shown in the first picture. Make these paper quilled flowers first and paste them on the birthday card. Different design and patterns for handmade quilled birthday cards are shown in the pictures I have added below. Make different types of flowers shown in the pictures and paste them to complete your birthday card.

DIY paper quilling birthday cards

DIY Birthday cards tutorial

DIY paper quilled birthday cards

Floral birthday cards DIY

Handmade birthday cards designs

These were some easy DIY birthday cards designs and ideas which are perfect for greeting someone on birthday. See my post on DIY Christmas cards as well for more DIY cards ideas. See you shortly with some more DIY ideas till then take care!