DIY Oven Cleaning Hacks For Deep Cleansing your Kitchen Without Chemicals

Are you a busy mom or worker who hardly gets time for daily cleaning and your dirty oven and kitchen is bothering you? If yes then no more worries as I am going to share some clever and easy DIY oven cleaning hacks which will transform your oven into new one without using chemicals. I will share separate cleaning tips for different parts of oven if you are cleaning your oven deeply. If you don’t have much time then you could try basic cleansing hack on oven as well as grill. So let’s check how you could do that.

DIY oven cleaning hacks

DIY Oven Cleaner for Inside of oven

For cleaning oven you could use simple ingredients from your kitchen cabinet. Here is the ingredient list and quantities for DIY oven cleaner.

1 Cup Salt

1 cup bicarbonate soda or baking soda

Quarter cup water

Quarter cup vinegar

First of all remove grill of the oven. Make paste of all ingredients and apply this paste on the surface. Completely cover the sticky oily gunk with cleaning paste. Leave this paste overnight. Next morning spray your oven with mixture of water and vinegar 1:1. Then wipe away and wash your oven with dish wash liquid and water for shine. Washing with water and liquid soap will not only give shine to oven but it will also take away bad smell of vinegar. Rinse your oven well so that the salt may not cause any corrosion.

If you don’t want to try overnight method then you could add quarter cup of methylated spirit in the above mentioned oven cleaning mixture and let it sit for 3-4 hours. Spirit will speed up the cleansing action. But use it carefully as spirit can catch fire.

DIY Oven Cleaning Hacks for Oven Grill

All you need for cleaning oven grill is liquid ammonia. Just spray oven grill and burners of the oven with ammonia and wrap them in airtight plastic bag. Fumes will soften all the sticky and burned gunk. Leave them overnight and clean it in the morning with sponge. Ammonia fumes may irritate eyes so do this spray in well ventilated or open area.

*Never mix ammonia with bleach as it could produce toxic fumes.

Oven Glass Cleaner DIY

For cleaning oven glass make paste of baking soda and water cover oven glass with paste and let it sit for 10 minutes wipe it with sponge.

Oven Glass Shiner

For shiny glass:  After removing the grease with baking soda paste, make solution of methylated spirit and water 2:1 and spray it on the glass now rub it with microfiber cloth for classy shine.


DIY Kitchen Storage Solutions for an Organized Kitchen

I have already shared some DIY storage ideas for kitchens with small spaces. Today I am again here with some unique DIY Kitchen Storage Solutions for a well organized kitchen. Well organized kitchens not only look good but it’s easy to spend time in a well organized kitchen during cooking. No matter your kitchen is small or spacey, follow these unique tips for storing all the kitchen items in unique and ordered way.  First of all I will tell you some creative ideas for using the cabinet doors for storage purposes.

Easy kitchen storage solutions

Use of Cabinet Doors

Everybody has cabinets in the kitchens for storage purposes but everybody doesn’t know that how to properly use storage space of the cabinets. It’s very important to use every inch of the storage cabinets of the kitchen. Here I have added some pictures where you could see that nails, hooks, buckets and hangers could be fixed on the doors of the cabinets for hanging different kitchen items like spoons, lids and other utensils. You could also place lids of cooking pots on the doors of cabinets. Here are some pictures.

DIY Kitchen storage solutions

DIY Cabinet storage solutions

 Roof Hanging Kitchen Storage Solutions

Hang baskets, pots etc on the kitchen roof and use those hanging baskets or pots for storing fruits, vegetables, or kitchen items. Instead of hanging a single basket hang two or three baskets in a row for providing more storage space. See the picture below for this unique storage solution.

Modern kitchen storage solutions

Easy DIY Kitchen storatge soultions

How to Use Kitchen Walls for Storage Purposes

Don’t ignore your kitchen walls if you have small kitchen and less storage space. Just fix some baskets on the kitchen walls for storing kitchen items. Racks made of wood pallets could also be used for placing jars, dishes and cups. Similarly use sides of Kitchen Island for storage by adding a storage rack along the base walls of the kitchen island. You could also use base wall of the kitchen shelves for adding a storage rack as well just like the picture I have added below in the gallery.

Even towel rods and hangers could also be fixed in the kitchen walls for hanging and storing variety of the kitchen items. For a different and creative look just sew some pouches and hang them on a wall with some hooks. These hanging pouches could be used as cutlery storage pouches.

Clever kitchen storage solutions

DIY Kitchen storage ideas

DIY kitchen storage tips

Easy kitchen storage ideas

Inexpensive kitchen storage solutions

Kitchen storage solutions for small kitchens

Storage solutions for organized kitchen

Unique kitchen storage ideas


Make Compartments within Compartments

Divide the space of your kitchen cabinets and drawers for effectively using all the space of the storage compartment. By dividing all the storage space you would be able to use each and every part of each sub division.  Here are some pictures to guide you.

Modern storage solutions for kitchens

Contemporary kitchen storage solutions


Spice Storage Solutions

Use mason jars for storing spices but keep your kitchen organized by fixing them at the base of your kitchen cabinet of kitchen rack. Here is step by step tutorial for this unique DIY kitchen storage solution.

Kitchen storage solutions tutorials

Well these were some unique and easy DIY kitchen storage solutions. I hope they will help you in having a well maintained and well organized kitchen. Keep visiting my blog as soon I will share some more storage solutions for an organized home.