Baby Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

Well Halloween is around the corner and everyone seems to be busy in searching for the best and unique Halloween costume. It is not an easy task to make a perfect Halloween costume for everyone. Today i am going to give you some cute baby Halloween costume ideas 2014 for your little angels. Our Halloween costume ideas for babies will suit your little one alot and will surely get praise from every viewer. Let us wait no further and see Halloween costumes for little ones.

Our first baby Halloween costume idea is a viking style dress. check out this viking costume for your baby. It will surely make everyone stunned when you will make it for your baby this Halloween.

Baby halloween costume ideas

Everyone loves noodles, especially babies.. They are yummy. If your baby is noodle lover then dress up your baby in noodle like dress this Halloween. All you need is a lot of wool threads knitted together. Your costume will be ready in no time.

Cute baby halloween costume ideas

Transform green jumpsuit of your baby into dragon costume. just stitch tail filled with old clothes or foam on the back. Stitch spines on the back in black color to give proper dragon look. Every body will appreciate this dragon costume.

Baby costume ideas for halloween

Make bit scary and beautiful black cat costume for your baby girl with black frock. Just add furry tail on the back and make ears with fur on the head as well. This Halloween cat dress for baby girl can be made easily in no time. Hope you and your baby girl will love this quick and easy to make Halloween costume.

DIY baby halloween costume ideas

If you want elephant costume for your baby this Halloween then we have very cute elephant costume idea for your baby. Try out this one for your baby this year.

elephant baby costumes

Give diver look to your baby this Halloween by mounting small cylinder and pipe on the back by attaching pipe with his soother. This costume is best for small babies. Black suit is best for diver costume.

Divers baby costumes for halloween

Have a look at this cute Popeye costume idea for babies. Your baby will look very cute in this Popeye costume.

popye halloween cosumes

Orange color represent fall and Halloween. If you are planning to buy or make orange Halloween costumes for your baby this year then we have some ideas for orange Halloween costume. in first baby Halloween costume you can see pumpkin costume in orange color while second dress is also designed in orange and green color. You can try this frog costume for your baby as well.

Halloween costume ideas for babies

Frog costume ideas for babies

If you have not make or bought your baby girls dress for Halloween then you can try this witch costume which can be made easily at home. just dress up your baby in black frock. make accessories for her which require little sewing and your witch costume for baby is ready.

Witch costumes for babies

Fried egg costume will suit your little girl and it will save your money as well. just cut white cloth to give shape of egg. Stitch it and use yellow cloth cut in circular shape to make yolk. This dress will make your and your baby’s day this year.
This was all about baby Halloween costume ideas. Hope you will like these cute baby costumes for Halloween. You can see more Halloween dresses in our previous posts on Halloween dresses for toddlers, last minute Halloween dresses etc. See you next time with some more Halloween ideas.

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