Unusual Artificial DIY Christmas Trees 2016

He, who has not Christmas in his heart, will never find it under tree. (Roy L. Smith)
Christmas is incomplete without Christmas tree as it holds the central position among all. Today we have gathered some of the unusual Artificial Christmas trees 2016. Fake Christmas trees are now used by most of the people for decoration at this occasion. It is the thing in whole Christmas which will truly depict your creativity as there are not any fast and hard rules for its decoration. You can adorn it on a single theme or by using different ornaments like holiday lights, bells, colorful balls, ribbons, laces, stars and any thing you like could be used. Buying a new Xmas tree every year could make you out of budget and if you have not enough space in your home then it would be difficult for you to adjust tall trees there. So try out the best DIY artificial Christmas trees ideas to save trees as well as your money.
Use metallic wire hangers to make tree on your wall. Join together the hangers in a way to give the shape of tree. Embellish it with holiday lights and other ornaments like balls, garlands, candy canes and even by hanging packed gifts.

Artificial holiday trees DIY

Artificial DIY Christmas Tree With Pasta
Food item could also help you in making artificial Christmas tree. Take hard paper and fold it in the shape of cone. Start attaching penne pasta on the cone tip to the base in spiral way using glue. Color it golden and green after that use accessories to prettify it. Fake Christmas tree made with pasta macaronis can also be made. See the picture shown below to make Fake Christmas tree with pasta macaronis and hot glue.

Artificial Christmas trees 2014

Handmade artificial christmas tree

Handmade Christmas Trees For Table Top
For making this tree use PVC net of green or your favorite color and glue it on a cone shaped paper. After it gets dry remove the inside paper and use lights inside to illuminate it. Use small things to adorn it as it will be ideal Christmas tree to be place on table.

Make artificial Christmas trees

Artificial Christmas Trees With Paper
Instead of making single one why not we make many small ones? Take hard paper in green color and cut it in circles of different diameters. Fold the circles as shown and then fix them on a straw in such a way that smallest circles lie on the top. Lights could be replaced by beads.

DIY artificial Christmas trees

Cut large tree shaped green hard paper to make unusual handmade Christmas tree. Paste ornaments like stars, candies and other paper decorations on the tree to give it well decorated look. You can also wrap lights around the paper Christmas tree.

Homemade artificial christmas trees

DIY Christmas tree With Wine Bottles
If you want a tall artificial Christmas tree then try out this one. Use beverage or wine bottles to make this attractive and fragile tree. Arrange the bottles in circle with decreasing order of diameter using circular glass plates as shown.

Unusual artificial christmas trees

Handmade Christmas trees With Feathers
This is one of the most delicate one and looks extremely beautiful. You will need feathers, beads, paper and glue. Stick the feathers on cone shapes paper to completely cover it as shown. Color it green and use beads on their tips to make it look more enchanted.

Artificial Christmas trees tutorial

These were some DIY artificial Christmas trees ideas. Hope you will like these Christmas tree ideas to make at home. See you soon with some more DIY projects for Christmas.

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