Cool DIY Projects for Home Improvement 2016

I have started this blog to help people. I am trying to make their life more beautiful, easy, productive and creative by different DIY ideas. Today I come up with some brand new Cool DIY projects for improving your home. Some of these projects will help you to make your indoors better while other projects could bring lovely change in your garden.  I will start from DIY projects for outdoors.


Make your front yard and backyard look great with these DIY ideas for garden. Reuse empty plastic bottles and make these colorful bunches of flowers from these bottles. Blooming colorful flowers will surely make your garden more beautiful. Steps for making plastic bottle flowers for garden are shown in the tutorial given below in picture.

Easy and cool DIY projects

DIY Backyard Projects from Pots

Clay pots are essential part of every garden, But these clay pots could be used differently by using them for making decorations instead of planting. I am going to share some creative ideas for making DIY decorations for backyard using clay pots. Hope you will like them.

Paint clay pots with color of your choice. Arrange them in a rod and grow some floral plants in them. Place a dish on the top to make bird feeder as well. Picture is given below to show you step by step instructions of this project.

DIY garden projects tutorials


Make these colorful mushrooms for your garden by using clay pots as a base and place large painted pots for making upper part of mushrooms.

DIY garden Ideas 2016

Here are some painting ideas for clay pots. Use tape for creating different patterns on the pots or just pour paint of different color on the pots for making marble art on plain pots. Step by step tutorials for these cool DIY garden projects are given below.

Cool DIY backyard projects

Cool DIY Projects step by step

Garden Improvement Projects from Tires

Now I am going to share some creative ways of using old tires for garden improvement. Paint old used tires with bright colors for making outdoor furniture or make cute minion gardener for your garden if minions are favorite characters of your kids.

Cool DIY Projects for adults

DIY Backyard ideas and projects


DIY Projects for making Holders and Organizers

Now its time for sharing some creative ideas for making DIY holders and organizers for storing different items, Reuse empty mason jars for making cutlery holder in no time. Just wrap old pieces of lace on the jar with the help of glue and your handmade cutlery holder is ready.

Simple DIY Project ideas

Reuse plastic spoons for making this amazing DIY candle holder. Take small jar or glass and paste plain or painted spoons on it for making flower from spoon on the glass. Now you could use it as candle stand.

Cool DIY projects Ideas


Check out  this step by step tutorial for making these stylish DIY makeup holders from used plastic bottles. Use colorful plastic bottles for making makeup organizers and makeup brushes holders. Step by step tutorial is shown below in the picture.

Cool DIY projects for girls

Here is another cool DIY projects for your kids or study room. For making DIY stationery organizer you will need an old CD, burlap string, and three tissue rolls. Wrap burlap string on the CD and tissue holders with the help of glue. Use CD as a base and paste three tissue rolls wrapped with burlap string on the CD. Tie them with ribbon for cuter look. You could use empty tin cans or other cylindrical objects as well instead of tissue rolls.

Cool DIY projects for kids

Cool DIY Canvas Art Projects

To make your walls more colorful and cute you could try these DIY canvas art ideas. I have shown steps of making different DIY canvas paintings at home. Save foot prints of your cute baby on canvas by making this amazing butterfly canvas painting.

DIY canvas art tutorials


Collect leaves of different shapes and sizes for making another DIY wall hanging for your home. Paste leaves on the canvas with scotch tape now paint whole canvas with spray paint or acrylic paints with the help of brush. Remove leaves after drying up of leaves and your leave canvas art is ready. Frame it and hang on the wall of your room.

Cool DIY canvas art projects

If you want to make DIY marbled milk paper then step by step tutorial is here.  You will love this colorful canvas art project.

Cool DIY projects tutorials

Well these were some Cool DIY projects ideas for garden and home. Do share your suggestions to help me work better for you.

Easy Halloween Decorations DIY Ideas and Tutorials 2016

I love to make DIY crafts and decorations for decorating my home in unique and creative way. I am going to share some Easy Halloween decorations DIY ideas and tutorials to make them at home. Some of these DIY Halloween decorations are scary while others are made just for decorative purposes made with orange, red and black theme colors to symbolize Halloween. Hope you will also find some decorations appropriate for decorating your home this Halloween from today’s post.

Halloween Decorations for Doors and Windows

If you are looking for some unique ideas for decorating your windows and doors then you are at right place. I am going to share some unique ways of decorating windows and doors of home to give them spooky look this Halloween.

Make crochet spider web and use it to decorate your doors and windows. It will look very different and creative. You could also make crochet spiders with web as well to give more real look. These crochet spider webs could be used for decorating both doors as well as windows.

Latest Halloween decorations DIY

Use black paper; tape etc for making some scary creatures like spiders, bats, etc. Paste them on the windows. These paper decorations are quick and easy last minute Halloween decorations so best for you if you are looking for some quick DIY crafts for Halloween.

DIY Halloween decorations 2016

Spooky Halloween decorations DIY

DIY Hangings and Garlands for Halloween

Here are some more Halloween decorations DIY with paper and other ordinary things. For making first last minute Halloween decoration you just need balloons in orange and black color and some ribbons for hanging them. These hanging balloon decorations are best for Halloween party.

Last minute Halloween decorations 2016

Similarly you could use paper, straws, ribbons etc as well for making garlands for decorating entrance of home. These Halloween garlands could be used for decorating walls for Halloween party. Pictures of these DIY Halloween garlands are given below.

Halloween Party decorations DIY ideas

Halloween decorations DIY for parties

Halloween Crafts and Decorations with Paper

Making Halloween decoration items with paper is one of the easy Halloween arts to make because it is very easy to mold paper and number two you can use multiple materials with paper. I have selected easy and basic Halloween decoration ideas with paper for Halloween decoration ideas 2016. Check these amazing Halloween paper ideas.

Halloween Paper Bats

Take a hard card paper of black color and cut out the wings. You do not need to cut according to a very specific size you can make pairs of different sizes. The picture that I have shared shows the exact design you need to cut the paper into. Use color markers to make eyes and lips. Use wood sticks to paste paper bats. Give these Halloween paper bats to your kids and guests at door step once they arrive.

DIY Halloween party ideas

Halloween Wall Decor with Paper

Continuing on paper decor for Halloween, one of the easy and best decors is complete wall decor with papers. For this purpose again black color card paper is most used paper. Paste black card paper on wall and make different objects with papers. Self explained picture is shared below for you.

You can also make corner objects for room with paper. This will also make your overall decoration for Halloween look scary!!!

Halloween decorations DIY

Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decoration Crafts 2016 from Bottles and Mason Jars

Empty bottles are one of the easily materials for DIY projects. Halloween bottle decor ideas are also easy and fun to make. You can use mason jars to make a bunch of orange flowers to symbolize Halloween.

DIY Recycled Halloween crafts


You can also make Boo cans for Halloween 2016. Just take empty cans and paint them or paste paper on them. Use sticks to hang any objects if you wish to decorate the Boo cans.

Halloween decorations DIY Projects

Easy Halloween decorations DIY

Halloween Poison Bottle Decorations

Take the empty bottles and paint them with mat black color. Use other objects like spiders etc to place near the poison bottles

You can also use color other than black to make poison bottles. Use different captions to further enhance the decoration of the bottles. Make different objects for the label of bottles.

Halloween decorations DIY tutorials 2016

That is all for this post of Halloween Decorations DIY ideas 2016. I hope you will pick one of the ideas and will try it at home. Looking forward for your comments and suggestions and see you next time with some other ideas. Till than take care and enjoy!

DIY Tools: Practicing Safety and Environmental Responsibility

Thanks to the plethora of ideas on Pinterest, Buzzfeed, and other online outlets, more and more people are taking the do-it-yourself route. Whether it’s through fixing or decorating certain areas in and out of the home, these DIY projects give you a one-of-a-kind feeling of success. In addition, these experiences – regardless of the outcome – ignite your potential and contribute to your overall growth. But behind the fascinating benefits of do-it-yourself ventures, lies the importance of safety and environmental responsibility.

DIY Tools


First on the agenda is to wear comfortable yet form-fitting outfits. Obviously, working on DIY projects is neither a showcase of your fashion sense nor is it an avenue to wear expensive pieces, so putting on appropriate clothes greatly reduces the risks of accidents. The same also goes with your hair. If you have long, gorgeous locks, then be sure to tie it up on a bun or put on a headpiece that will prevent it from tangling in your tools.

Moreover, it’s vital to have on basic safety pieces such as a dust mask, a pair of earplugs, and glasses. Gloves also help in diminishing do-it-yourself related injuries, but some people don’t prefer them, as it affects the overall handling of tools. Above all, as advised by Power Tool Institute, read and put heart into the fine print of manuals so you’ll have a better understanding on the do’s and don’ts of your equipment.

These days, most advancements in technology focus on improving lives and providing convenience in the process. Rarely do you see how some online platforms concentrate on the significance or the general concept of responsibility. Thankfully, one of the world’s largest trade retailer, Screwfix which stocks an array of power tools, makes it a point to not just offer viable pieces of equipment for DIY, but also products that save valuable natural resources.

On its Environmental Responsibility section of the website, the e-commerce platform highlights the value of green-labeled Save Energy symbols, or electric- and gas-dependent merchandises that don’t require much yet accomplishes every job efficiently well. This is another positive step towards a bigger goal of social awareness in terms of modern technologies and industries.

By now, you probably have at least an inkling of what tools to utilize during specific situations. It’s also safe to say you know a handful of alternative uses for these equipment based on Instructables tool hack ideas. However, all of these will go to waste if you don’t practice proper safety precautions and embrace the meaning of responsibility.

DIY Gift Ideas for Dad to Make at Home

Father’s day is around the corner. Most of the people are planning for buying a father’s day present these days. To help you out I come up today with some easy DIY gift ideas for dad to surprise your father this year. These DIY ideas will not only save your money but these handmade gifts will tell your father that how much you love him. All these gift ideas are not only easy to make but they are very unique and creative. First of all I will share some ideas for making DIY frames which will always remind your dad that how much you love him.

DIY Frames for Father’s Day

No matter you is kid or a teenager. I have number of ideas for making different types of hangings and frames for your dad. Express your love in words by framing some printed quotations or you could write or paint the quotations in your own style. Some templates and model frames are shown in the pictures I have added below which will help you in making your own DIY frame for your dad to surprise him this year.

Cheap handmade gifts for father's day

Creative gift ideas for dad

Father's day gifts for kids

Handmade gift ideas for dad

DIY Key Chain Ideas

Here are some ideas and tutorials for making DIY key chains. As long as your father keeps key chain made by you he could feel your love. In first picture I have shown DIY stamped key chain. In second picture you could see step by step tutorial for making DIY key chain from golf ball. You could use old golf ball for making this stylish golf ball key chain. If your father love to play golf then I am sure this I is the best gift idea for him on this father’s day.

DIY gift ideas for father DIY gifts for dad 2016

Up cycled Mobile Phone Holders

Here I have two step by step tutorials for making DIY mobile phone holders. In first picture DIY mobile phone holder is shown which is made from empty bottle of body lotion. You just need to cut it and wrap it in a beautiful cover. This mobile phone holder is best for charging the phone.

Upcycled gift ideas for dad


Image Credit:

You could also make this creative DIY mobile phone holder from used cassette cover. You will just need washi tape and cassette player cover for this handmade gift. Just follow the steps and table top mobile phone holder for your dad is ready.

Modern gift ideas for dad

Here are some more unique and creative DIY gift ideas for dad. You could make beautiful Handmade Book mark for your dad if your dad loves reading. Paste a small picture on that bookmark or you could paste picture of any other family member as well.

Latest gift ideas for dad

Make a stationary box for your dad from old can. Wrap the old can with fabric to give it shape of suit and tie.

DIY gift ideas for dad 2016


Image Credit:

Your dad will also love to get well packed and well organized car wash kit. You could also make Lego cuff links for your dad as well here is the picture to of Lego cuff link.

Gift ideas for dad

Unique father's day gift ideas


Image Credit:

Let your father know how much you love your father by this personalized cushion with definition of father.  You could add anything you want to say to your father.

Fun gift ideas for father's day

These were all easy and unique gift ideas for dad to surprise him this father’s day. You could also check my old posts on DIY Father’s day gifts ideas and Father’s day card ideas as well.


DIY Backyard Ideas and Crafts from Recycled Things

I have already shared lot of decoration and crafts ideas for home and garden improvement using old and useless things. All you have to do is little effort and creativity to transform old useless things into beautiful and useful decorative crafts. Today I have gathered some DIY backyard ideas for improving your backyard with some of these DIY ideas for making decorations and accessories for backyard. First of all I will start with some DIY ideas which could bring smile on your little kids.

DIY Backyard Ideas for Kids

I am sure your kids will start loving backyard of your house with these DIY projects for backyard. Make your backyard fun place for your kids by making these swings and see saw for your kids. You could make them from used old things available in your store or if they are not available already then you could buy them from market as well. Paint tires with some vibrant colors to give them cuter and new look to increase beauty of your garden.

Using old tires, wooden pallets and ropes you can make see saw or swing for your little kids.  Similarly use wooden sticks and old piece of fabric for making beautiful hanging swing for your backyard. Pictures for these swings are given below to help you.

DIY backyard ideas for kids

DIY Backyard projects for kids

DIY Garden Projects

DIY Backyard Furniture Projects

Here are some more DIY backyard ideas for making backyard furniture from old things which most of the people throw away considering them useless. Use tree trunks for making these stylish rustic stools if you want to make up your backyard with rustic theme.

Easy DIY backyard furniture Ideas

Similarly paint your large milk jug for making base of side table. You could use glass or wood slabs as table tops for making side table from old milk jug.

DIY backyard ideas from recycling

Here are some furniture ideas for making seating places for backyard from old barrels. Cut old barrels and place some cushions on them to make them comfortable. Painting of old barrels is also very important so choose best paints and shades for painting barrels.

DIY Backyard furniture projects

DIY Planters for Garden

Give new look to your garden by these DIY garden ideas. Here I have added some pictures where planters are shown which are made from old windows, PVC pipes, and you could also grow planters in old vessels. Paint these old vessels grow plants in them. For giving more stylish look place ladders and hang or place planters on this ladder.

Backyard projects from recycling

Easy DIY Backyard ideas 2016

Upcyled DIY backyard ideas

DIY Back Yard Decorations and Crafts

Here are some decorations and crafts for backyard which are also made from old and used things. Use old metal bowls for making these colorful mushrooms for your garden. Paint back sides of the bowls with red acrylic paint now make circles with red paint to give it complete look of mushroom. Make stalk of the mushroom using wooden stick.

Easy backyard project ideas

Car hubcaps could also be painted for making DIY flowers for your backyard. Use rim of old bicycle and use it for making colorful windmill for your garden. Hope you will like this colorful stained glass to make your backyard colorful. Hang egg beaters in your backyard for making cute candle holders to decorate your backyard.

DIY Summer backyard ideas

DIY Backyard ideas 2016

Creative DIY backyard ideas

DIY Art Projects Ideas for Kids and Adults

Today you will find some creative DIY Art Projects Ideas for kids and adults in my today’s post. Make your upcoming weekend more creative, fun and useful by choosing some art projects from my today’s post. These projects will bring a refreshing change in your house as I am going to share lot of canvas art ideas which kids and their parents could make together for improving their home. So gather some ordinary things and make something creative and artistic by little efforts to amaze everybody. So let’s move towards our first DIY art a project which is exclusively for kids.

Here is step by step tutorial for making DIY sheep craft for kids. Help your kids for making this sheep craft using paper, gum, cotton buds and Popsicle sticks. This cute little sheep could be used for decorating walls of kids bedroom or classroom. Just follow the steps and make this easy innocent sheep to decorate room walls in artistic way.

DIY Art projects for kids

Here is another creative project for kids. All you need for this DIY art project is Styrofoam ball, common pins, and different types of colorful ribbons. Cover Styrofoam ball with rings of ribbon using common pins and give your ball shape of a flower. You own handmade centerpiece is ready. Step by step tutorial for this craft project is shown in the picture added below.

Easy DIY art projects 2016

Use empty plastic soda bottles for make these cute hello kitty planters for placing in your garden, kitchen or anywhere in your house. Cut plastic bottle to give it shape of kitty. Now spray paint the bottle with white acrylic spray paint. Use permanent marker for drawing eyes, nose etc on them to give it complete look of hello kitty. Your quick and easy DIY craft is ready.

Handmade art projects DIY

3D DIY Canvas Art Projects

Here are some 3D art projects which can be made at home with easily available things. All you need is canvas and some stationary items like glue, pencils, crayons, paper, etc. This first 3D canvas project is made with leftover buttons. Your Just stick buttons to give it  shape of hot air balloon. Use piece of burlap for making basket of the balloon your colorful 3D canvas frame is ready.

DIY 3D canvas art Ideas

Use hard colorful paper strips for making paper roses by quilling. Now use these colorful paper roses for making 3d canvas art for your room. Here is the picture to guide you. Similarly you could use printed fabric and frame it. Now sew or paste felt roses or flowers on that frame for making cute DIY wall hanging for your room.

3D DIY art projects


DIY Art and craft projects

Make these cute mini 3d butterfly canvas art by following the steps shown in the tutorial given below. Make base of canvas by different colors of melted crayons. Use hairdryer for melting crayons. Now cut white butterflies and paste them on these mini colorful canvases.

3d DIY Canvas art projects

DIY Canvas Art Projects for Kids

Here are some DIY art projects for kids. Step by step tutorials for making these easy canvas projects are shown in the pictures I have added below. These canvas art don’t involve proper painting but different easy techniques are used for making these canvas projects which kids could make quite easily.

DIY Canvas art projects for kids

Easy canvas art projects tutorials

Easy DIY Art projects

Creative Rock Crafts Ideas

Just gather rocks of different sizes and shapes for making these artistic crafts by painting rocks in different ways and give them new look by painting.

Use long oval rocks and paint them with green paint to make these cute cactus planters from rocks. Paint different shapes and sizes of rocks and give them shape of colorful fruits and veggies. I have added a picture below to help you as well.

DIY Art projects for garden

DIY Art projects for kids

This cute wall hanging could be made using small rocks, Popsicle sticks, sea shells etc. kids will love to make these cute and easy wall hanging for decorating their classroom or bedroom walls.

DIY Wall art project ideas

Well these were all DIY Art projects for today. Keep visiting my blog for getting ideas on decorating home with creativity and without spending lot of money.

DIY Room Decor Ideas to Decorate Inexpensively

Everybody wants to have modern and well decorated room.  People spend lot of money on decorating their rooms and homes but trend of decorating homes with DIY decorations and projects is increasing day by day. People prefer to decorate their rooms and homes with DIY projects because these projects not only save lot of money but do it yourself projects are considered very healthy and creative for adults and kids as well. I am also going to share some DIY Room Decor ideas and projects tutorials which you could use to decorate your room without spending money. You could make DIY decorations from leftovers or recycling as well.

DIY Canvas Wall Art Ideas for Rooms

Best idea for decorating room wall is to use canvas art frames. Canvas paintings not only look modern but they also make your room colorful and lively. Here I am going to share some DIY canvas ideas to decorate room walls without buying paintings from the market. You could also visit my previous posts on DIY Canvas painting tutorials for more ideas. If you don’t know how to paint then you could try making canvas wall art using cuttings of flowers, butterflies etc and arrange them on the canvas.

DIY canvas art projects

DIY canvas wall art ideas

DIY Room decor ideas 2016

DIY Room wall decor ideas

DIY Room Decor Ideas with Shelves

Here is great idea for decorating small rooms. If you are facing problem of less space and want to decorate as well then fix some shelves on the wall of the room. Now you could use these shelves for placing some decor items and these shelves could be used for storage purposes. Pictures for DIY wooden shelves are given below.  Decorate kids room by mounting skateboard on the room walls and place some small toys, photo frames etc on these skateboards to decorate room.

DIY Room decor ideas for kids room

DIY Room decor ideas for small spaces

DIY Wooden shelves for rooms

DIY Recycled Projects for Room Decor

Here are some ideas for decorating room with some useless things. Cut and use empty plastic bottle for making these cute hanging lights for the room. These hanging lights are best for decorating walls in the form of garland or make a bunch of these lights to hang them in the centre of room. Step by step tutorial for these yarn wrapped DIY lamps is given below.

DIY Room decor projects

Yarn could also be used for wrapping Styrofoam balls and these yarn wrapped balls. Place these yarn wrapped balls in a beautiful basket of glass jar to make a beautiful centerpiece for your corner table.

Cheap diy room decor ideas

Wrap empty tin cane in a piece of burlap and decorate it with handmade flowers or a piece of lace to decorate it. Beautiful DIY Pencil holder is ready for your study table.

DIY Crafts for room decor


Here are some more ideas for remaking old lamp shade and old vase. Paint your old vase and paste coins on the vase to give it a brand new look. Similarly you can give new look to your simple old lampshade by using stencil. Here is step by step tutorial for making DIY lampshade which can bring a refreshing change in your room without spending money.


DIY Tutorials for room decor





DIY room decorations and remakes

Well these were all DIY room decor ideas and tutorials for today. Soon I will share some more ideas for decorating your home in an artful way which will also save your bucks.

Easy DIY Projects for Home with Inexpensive Things

DIY projects for home decoration and improvement are one of my all time favorite blogging topic. Homes have been decorated since ancient times. Different materials, methods and ways are being used to decorate the homes. There can be many improvement and decoration projects for home because of the depth of the choice of the materials and methods so there can be many articles on this topic. However I will present you only those DIY house decorating ideas that are not only easy to do but good looking and inexpensive also. Whenever I write on such generic topics I also try to find out DIY designs for homes in which such materials and methods are used that are easily available and easy to replicate at home. Well enough said let us see what type of DIY projects for home I have sorted out for you today.

Creative DIY Crafts and Decorations from Bottles

Is there any house on this planet where you do not find an empty bottle? From sodas, juices and beers to simple water every drink is packed in fancy bottles. Now collect these empty bottles and it is time to use these. There are two ways to make decor items with empty bottles either you paint them if your drawing is good or you could use tapes and paper cuttings to make designs on them using spray or paint brushes. Here are few self explanatory step by step tutorials for used bottle crafts that will highlight these two ideas I am talking about.

DIY Decorating projects for home

DIY Projects for adults

DIY Creative crafts and decorations

DIY Bottle crafts ideas


DIY Cheap Wall Decor Ideas 2016

Cheap wall decor ideas 2016 is a post all about decorating walls of your beautiful homes with minimum possible cost. The ideas that I am going to give you today will not only be less expensive but they are creative and you will enjoy making it. No doubt walls of a house contribute towards the decoration of the interior of the house more than any other structure. So decorating the walls is very important. Cheap wall art ideas 2016 will give you easy to make DIY projects to decorate your walls. Let us see these ideas one by one.

DIY Canvas wall art 2016

Image Credit: Pinterest

Easy Wall Decorations with Paper

The first DIY wall decor craft idea is to use the paper cuttings. All you need is paper of different colors and then cut it into different shapes and patterns.  Now in second step paste these paper cuttings on board and hang it on the wall. Just see the pictures below for result.

Cheap wall decor with paper

Easy cheap wall decor ideas

You can also use quilling of the paper or news paper to make wall decor. Below is a self explanatory step by step tutorial for this wall art project.

DIY Cheap wall decorations

Wall Decorating Ideas from Leftovers or Recycling

We can also use recycled materials like felt, different pieces of leftover cloths and yarn balls to make wall décor. Use pieces of the felt and paste it with super glue on a frame. Always use bright color combinations as per color of your target wall. Another interesting wall décor using recycled material is by using yarn balls. Yarn balls are mostly available in all homes. Just stick all the yarn balls together on a pieces of paper than paste that paper on wood frame and your unique wall decor is ready in very low cost.

Cheap wall decor ideas 2016 Cheap wall decor with frames

DIY inexpensive wall decorations

Easy cheap wall decorating ideas

DIY Quotation Wall Art Decor

If you like to write and read well to show your interest you can write the same on the frame and hang it on the wall. The best and natural touch is that you write in your own writing but if it does not look good you can take print out and cut the words and then paste them on the board. You can also use wood pieces and write on these pieces.

DIY Canvas art 2016

DIY Quotation wall art

DIY Cheap quotation wall art


Image Credit:

Cheap Wall Decor using Wood

Wood is used to decorate the home not only in US but all around the world. So our last DIY cheap wall decor idea 2016 is by using wood pieces. Either you can use wood sticks in different lengths and then color them and hang them or you can cut the pieces of a wood log and use these pieces to make a master piece for your wall. For wood made wall decorations you will require equipment to cut or simply you can get it cut from a wood work shop.

DIY Cheap wall decor ideas

Inexpensive wall decor ideas

That is all for today friends. I hope you will like today’s post. Please leave a note if you have any further queries. Best for luck for your DIY projects keep reading our blog take care.



Basement Decorating Ideas with Modern and Rustic Themes

Most of the people construct their homes with proper basements but they leave them unorganized and use basements for storing things. By decorating and setting up your basements you could add some more space to your home and add something new and useful to your home. Here today you will find some valuable and creative Basement Decorating Ideas and basement organizing ideas with different themes to remodel your basement.

No matter your basement is small or spacey proper organization and theme could make it most favorite part of your home. Before decorating your basement you have to decide some important things. Always keep in mind your whole house and decide how you could use your space of basement in better way. Either you are lacking bar in your house or your kids want a play room? By converting your basement into home theatre your whole family will love to spend free time in this part of house. If you have very small home then you can add small open kitchen with some comfortable sofas and make your basement good place to rest and eat.

After deciding what you want to make now decide how you want to decorate. Theme is important either you want to give modern touch to your basement or you love rustic theme. Well here I have shared some pictures where basements decorated with different themes are shown.

Modern Basement Decorating Ideas

Here are some contemporary basements decorated to make living rooms, home theatre, mini bar etc. You could get ideas for selecting theme and color of the basement for decorating it in modern style. Similarly sofas, furniture, canvas art and all other things matter a lot in giving modern look to your home and basements. So pick up some ideas and remodel your basement in modern style.

Contemporary basement decorating ideas

Photo Credit:

Easy basement decorating Ideas

Photo Credit:

Modern Basement decorating Ideas

Photo Credit:

DIY Basement Decorating Ideas

Photo Credit:

Latest basement remodeling ideas 2016

Photo Credit:

Rustic Basement Decoration Ideas

If you like classic themes then you could pick up some ideas from these basements which are decorated with rustic theme. Use DIY Pallet Furniture instead of modern sofas which will not only give rustic look to your basement but it will also save lot of money. Use wooden accessories and décor items for rustic look. Brown theme and wall paints are best. Buy sofa cushion covers made from burlap for giving rustic look to sofas.

Rustic basement design ideas

Photo Credit:

Vintage basement decorating ideas

Photo Credit:

Large rustic basement decoration

Photo Credit:

Rustic basement decorating Ideas

Photo Credit: Pinterset

DIY Rustic Basement design and decoration

Photo Credit:

Small Basement Decorating Ideas

Here are some pictures which will guide you that how you could use small space of your basement in efficient ways. These pictures of well decorated small basement could help you a lot in adding more useful space to your small homes.

Basement home theatre decorating ideas

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Basement bar decorating ideas


Photo Credit:

Small basement decorating and designing

Photo Credit:

Simple basement decorating ideas

Photo Credit:


Basement Playroom Decorating Ideas

Give surprise to your small angels by transforming your basement into playroom. Just Buy floor carpet, place some colorful cushions on them for making base. Now decorate walls by colorful kids wall papers or wall paintings of their favorite cartoon character. Place toys and toy racks and you could place some small slides for them if you have spacey basements. You could do a lot of things and experiments if you are going to make your basement play area. Just have a look at these pictures to get more ideas.

Basement playroom decorating ideas


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Basement playroom design ideas

Photo Credit: Pinterest