What Color to Paint your Master Bedroom?

The master bedroom is often regarded as a private and personal oasis where you can unwind and rest after a long day. Therefore, it should be decorated with relaxation in mind. To feel fully relaxed it’s important to choose a paint color that isn’t too bold. The color of your walls can greatly affect how you sleep at night and your overall attitude while in your bedroom. To make your bedroom a peaceful space, discover the best colors to stimulate calmness.

How to choose the right color for your master bedroom

When looking for a new paint color for your bedroom you should remember the overall goal is to make the room soothing and relaxing. Avoid choosing a color that is too bright or too bold. A very bright yellow or orange will keep your mind stimulated at night and make it more difficult to fall asleep. The best colors are neutral colors, such as light brown, green, white, blue or grey. These soft and calming colors will make it easier to go to bed and provide you with a more restful sleep. If you’re having difficulties finding a color that’s soothing and meets your style needs, you should contact an interior design. They can quickly identify the best color to choose for your bedroom.

master bedroom coloring Ideas

Tips to consider:

Color and style of the current furniture

The color of your walls should coordinate with the furniture you have in your bedroom. For example, if you have a gray couch in your bedroom it might not be the best idea to paint your walls a light yellow. The two colors would like mix-matched together and can ruin the appearance of your gorgeous master bedroom.  Before deciding on a paint color for your walls you should keep in mind the color and style of the furniture you have in your bedroom.

Intended tone of the bedroom

To make your bedroom a truly soothing and enjoyable space you should consider what type of mood you’re looking to achieve. Is your only goal to stimulate peacefulness or do you want your room to appear sophisticated and energetic as well? Each color conveys a different message. Therefore, you should first decide which color best matches your intended goal.

Light source

Sometimes light can be deceiving because a paint color that you initially loved might appear differently when it’s in your bedroom due to the type of lighting you have. In order to avoid being disappointed by your paint color it’s best to take a paint sample home with you and place it on your wall so you can see if it’s the right choice for you. If you don’t like the color or it appears differently than you imagined on your wall you can just find a new color. It’s best to know this information beforehand than after you’ve purchased a new paint color and have already started painting it on your wall.

Oil paint versus latex paint

There are two popular options for interior paints, oil-based paint and water-based paint. Each has their own features and uses in various spaces and situations. Thus, it is better to understand the characteristics of oil and latex based paint before making a final decision.

Oil or alkyd paint comes with excellent stain resistance, isn’t as affected by weather changes and offers a beautiful and smooth look. However, it has a very foul chemical odor, isn’t as flexible and takes longer to dry since it has petroleum. This type of paint is ideal for trim in your home, baseboards and window frames.

Water based paint has a very quick dry time, offers several different colors and it doesn’t have a strong odor. The only downsides are that it is susceptible to chipping, it doesn’t have the same smooth look as oil paint and it’s not recommended in a wet environment since it can take longer to dry. This type of paint is wonderful for walls, the exterior of a home and any type of masonry work.

Color ideas for your master bedroom

No matter what kind of environment you would like to create, there is always a color scheme which might aid in setting the tone. You can use only one color, bring in multiple hues or mix in complementary shades from the same family. For example, try bringing jewel tones if you are fond of emerald green. Want a red wall? Consider accents in warm tones like orange and yellow.  Here are some popular color ideas to create an inspiring space for your master bedroom:

  1. White

If all that you want is simplicity, a white master bedroom seems to be the perfect option. Bring in soft textures and natural materials to keep the space from being so sterile or stark, and avoid clutters, which might take away from a relaxing vibe.

  1. Red

The adventurous shade is able to energize, so do not be surprised when you wake up easier in a bedroom with cherry-red walls. This color matches well with other warm hues and rich woods. Try adding textiles like an Indian block print or a crimson paint coat to incorporate touches of red.

  1. Pink

This soft, beautiful color is great for creating a romantic and calming space. Mixing in casual fabrics and global patterns, such as burlap or relaxed linens, can prevent your space from looking too feminine.

  1. Gray

For a sophisticated and calm environment, you cannot go wrong with a gray tone. Whether you select a rich charcoal or subtle off-white hue, the shade will be a neutral layer and let all items like colorful bedding or art stand out.

  1. Yellow

The happy and sunny shade might be a quick pick-me-up after a long day or a morning when you do not want to wake up and get out of the bed. Bring in other colors from nature, such as a cherry-red table or grassy green lamp.

  1. Purple

Purple is often regarded as the royal color, so it is great for creating an elegant and regal space in your bedroom. Try mixing with other jewel hues such as turquoise, ruby red, and sapphire blue to balance the brilliant violet shades.

  1. Blue

Channeling the sky and the sea, blue can bring a calming effect in your bedroom. The timeless combination of white and blue looks classic and elegant, whether you add a wallpaper or fabric in a lush floral or nautical stripe.

  1. Green

Green often symbolizes the renewal and can be restful for human eyes. This is the main reason why it is a popular option in many master bedroom. You should try other natural elements such as warm woods to enhance the organic look of the space.

DIY Oven Cleaning Hacks For Deep Cleansing your Kitchen Without Chemicals

Are you a busy mom or worker who hardly gets time for daily cleaning and your dirty oven and kitchen is bothering you? If yes then no more worries as I am going to share some clever and easy DIY oven cleaning hacks which will transform your oven into new one without using chemicals. I will share separate cleaning tips for different parts of oven if you are cleaning your oven deeply. If you don’t have much time then you could try basic cleansing hack on oven as well as grill. So let’s check how you could do that.

DIY oven cleaning hacks

DIY Oven Cleaner for Inside of oven

For cleaning oven you could use simple ingredients from your kitchen cabinet. Here is the ingredient list and quantities for DIY oven cleaner.

1 Cup Salt

1 cup bicarbonate soda or baking soda

Quarter cup water

Quarter cup vinegar

First of all remove grill of the oven. Make paste of all ingredients and apply this paste on the surface. Completely cover the sticky oily gunk with cleaning paste. Leave this paste overnight. Next morning spray your oven with mixture of water and vinegar 1:1. Then wipe away and wash your oven with dish wash liquid and water for shine. Washing with water and liquid soap will not only give shine to oven but it will also take away bad smell of vinegar. Rinse your oven well so that the salt may not cause any corrosion.

If you don’t want to try overnight method then you could add quarter cup of methylated spirit in the above mentioned oven cleaning mixture and let it sit for 3-4 hours. Spirit will speed up the cleansing action. But use it carefully as spirit can catch fire.

DIY Oven Cleaning Hacks for Oven Grill

All you need for cleaning oven grill is liquid ammonia. Just spray oven grill and burners of the oven with ammonia and wrap them in airtight plastic bag. Fumes will soften all the sticky and burned gunk. Leave them overnight and clean it in the morning with sponge. Ammonia fumes may irritate eyes so do this spray in well ventilated or open area.

*Never mix ammonia with bleach as it could produce toxic fumes.

Oven Glass Cleaner DIY

For cleaning oven glass make paste of baking soda and water cover oven glass with paste and let it sit for 10 minutes wipe it with sponge.

Oven Glass Shiner

For shiny glass:  After removing the grease with baking soda paste, make solution of methylated spirit and water 2:1 and spray it on the glass now rub it with microfiber cloth for classy shine.