DIY Art Projects For Home Step by Step Tutorials

Today I am going to explain how to make DIY art projects in quick time. Well who doesn’t love art? We all do in one way or the other. Creating an art project with own hands brings a lot of happiness and satisfaction. Keeping this in my mind I have decided to select and present very easy to make and inexpensive DIY art projects for starters. Art projects are explained in plain language step by step so that you can copy them very easily. So what are we waiting for let us see these projects one by one.

  1. DIY Art Project Using Old Vase

In every house we have vases of different sizes. Vases account for good percentage in over all interior decoration of a house. Let us redo a vase. You need following material

  1. Vase (Old Vase will also do)
  2. Glue
  3. Buttons or Beads
  4. Paint Spray (If required)

First of all clean the surface of the vase. Now see if you need to paint the vase or not. If the paint of the vase is not even or you want to create any contrast paint the vase otherwise let it be and move to next step. After cleaning and painting (If done) paste beads or buttons on the vase with glue and let it dry overnight. You can also paste broken CD pieces on the vase. See the picture below for guidance.

Easy diy projects for home


  1. Easy to Do Art Project DIY using Popsicle Sticks

Let us discuss from trendy vase craft idea to more of a classic art craft idea i.e. art craft using ice cream sticks. Ice cream sticks are easily available and you can arrange them in hundred of ways and can make many articles. All you need is Ice cream sticks and glue. You can also use paint spray or glitter spray to give a more professional touch. Check out the picture below to catch the DIY idea.

DIY art projects tutorials

Just like basket you can make flower vase, mobile charging basket and many other items with ice cream sticks.

Popsicle sticks could also be used for making decorative wall shelf and diy hangings for home decor here I am attaching pictures for reference.

DIY art projects with Popsicle sticks

DIY art and craft projects

  1. DIY Butterfly Craft Idea Using Paper

You can make beautiful butterflies using paper and following very simple steps. You need to have following items for making the project

  1. Paper cups for making cupcakes
  2. Glue
  3. Lace
  4. Beads
  5. Glitter Glue
  6. Wire
  7. Plastic bottle
  8. Scissors

Cut the paper as shown in the picture. Paste the papers to form the wings of butterfly. Make tentacles of butterfly using wire. Use beads to make head of tentacles. Once the basic shape of butterfly is formed use lace on the wings and as a last step use beads to decorate the butterflies. Paste the butterflies on walls or your PC monitor or any suitable place you like.

Creative diy art projects

Here is one of my favorite DIY art projects. Up use plastic bottle for making these lace butterflies for decorating room walls. Using template cut shape of butterfly. Now cover it with lace using glue and decorate it with beads.

DIY art projects for home decor

  1. DIY Glass Paint Ideas

Glass items are always catchy to eyes and once you place them under appropriate light no eye can escape the catching power of it. For this craft idea all you need is creative imagination and some basic DIY items like glue, scissor and paper items. Paste the paper items on glass with glue and there you go your art craft is ready.

DIY art projects step by step


  1. DIY Wall Art Ideas Using Card Paper

Some of our homes have really large empty walls and you don’t know what to put on those walls. Well the most easy and beautiful looking art craft can be created using card paper. Use colored card paper and make hexagon shape. Arrange them on the wall use glitter sheets along with plain paper. See the picture below just for the guidance and make you own unique patterns.

DIY crafts for home decor

That is all for today I hope you will like today’s post on DIY art projects. Pick a project of your choice and try it. We will wait for your comments. See you next time with some cool DIY ideas till then keep on exploring our site.

DIY Oven Cleaning Hacks For Deep Cleansing your Kitchen Without Chemicals

Are you a busy mom or worker who hardly gets time for daily cleaning and your dirty oven and kitchen is bothering you? If yes then no more worries as I am going to share some clever and easy DIY oven cleaning hacks which will transform your oven into new one without using chemicals. I will share separate cleaning tips for different parts of oven if you are cleaning your oven deeply. If you don’t have much time then you could try basic cleansing hack on oven as well as grill. So let’s check how you could do that.

DIY oven cleaning hacks

DIY Oven Cleaner for Inside of oven

For cleaning oven you could use simple ingredients from your kitchen cabinet. Here is the ingredient list and quantities for DIY oven cleaner.

1 Cup Salt

1 cup bicarbonate soda or baking soda

Quarter cup water

Quarter cup vinegar

First of all remove grill of the oven. Make paste of all ingredients and apply this paste on the surface. Completely cover the sticky oily gunk with cleaning paste. Leave this paste overnight. Next morning spray your oven with mixture of water and vinegar 1:1. Then wipe away and wash your oven with dish wash liquid and water for shine. Washing with water and liquid soap will not only give shine to oven but it will also take away bad smell of vinegar. Rinse your oven well so that the salt may not cause any corrosion.

If you don’t want to try overnight method then you could add quarter cup of methylated spirit in the above mentioned oven cleaning mixture and let it sit for 3-4 hours. Spirit will speed up the cleansing action. But use it carefully as spirit can catch fire.

DIY Oven Cleaning Hacks for Oven Grill

All you need for cleaning oven grill is liquid ammonia. Just spray oven grill and burners of the oven with ammonia and wrap them in airtight plastic bag. Fumes will soften all the sticky and burned gunk. Leave them overnight and clean it in the morning with sponge. Ammonia fumes may irritate eyes so do this spray in well ventilated or open area.

*Never mix ammonia with bleach as it could produce toxic fumes.

Oven Glass Cleaner DIY

For cleaning oven glass make paste of baking soda and water cover oven glass with paste and let it sit for 10 minutes wipe it with sponge.

Oven Glass Shiner

For shiny glass:  After removing the grease with baking soda paste, make solution of methylated spirit and water 2:1 and spray it on the glass now rub it with microfiber cloth for classy shine.